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There have been 51.

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When was Texas Constitution written?

we have had many constitutions in the past but the current constitution was written in 1876

What is the difference between an article and an amendment in US Constitution?

Articles are written by our founding fathers when they wrote the constitutions. Amendments are any changes in the constitution over the course of time.

How did state constitutions contribute to the writing or ideals of the constitution?

State constitutions did not contribute to the US constitution. When it was written there were no states as we know them in 1789.

What document are the amendments written in?

The U.S. Constitution is the document that states the amendments.

What font was the constitution written in?

The constitutions font is written in yo mama fool

What are written changes to the constitution called?


How many amendments have been written to the constitution since it was written?

Seventeen more amendments have been added.

Is the us constitution the oldest and shortest of the written national constitutions?


Is the US Constitution the oldest and shortest of all written national constitutions?


Do written and unwritten constitutions exist in reality?

unwritten constitution exists in

What were parts of the constitution added after it was written called?


In what form were the bill of rights written into the Constitution?


In what form was the bill of rights written into the Constitution?


Did the Romans write down their constitution?

The Romans did not have a written constitutions. They only had written codes of law.

Who drafted the list of proposed constitution amendments that became the Bill of Rights?

The Bill of Rights and constitution amendments were written by James Madison. They were written and created on September 25, 1789.

What has the author William C Hill written?

William C. Hill has written: 'The Vermont State Constitution' -- subject(s): Constitutional history, Constitutional law, Constitutions 'The Vermont state constitution' -- subject(s): Constitutions

What results in changes to the written words of the constitution?

formal amendments

Why was the constitution written to allow amendments?

to give people rights.

How many amendments are written in the constitution?

42 people signed it

Why were written Constitutions important to the colonists?

Written constitutions were important to the colonists of the new nation because they had formally lived under Britain's unwritten constitution and suffered the consequences.

Do all governments have constitutions?

Not all governments have written constitutions. The United Kingdom has a series of ancient treaties and charters as well as unwritten 'conventions' New Zealand has no written constitution and Saudi Arabia is ruled by the royal family and has no constitution.

What date was Illinois constitution written?

There has been four Illinois Constitutions written. The first on December 3, 1818, it failed. The second in 1848, it also failed. The third in 1870 and the fourth and current in 1970.

In what year was the present Indiana Constitution written?

The present Indiana Constitution was written in 1851. There have been many amendments and adoptions to the constitution since this time.

What country does not have a written constitution?

New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Israel do not have written constitutions. Instead, they each have "unwritten constitutions," which are essentially the result of laws that have developed throughout the years.

What has the author Robert B Keiter written?

Robert B. Keiter has written: 'The Wyoming state constitution' -- subject(s): Constitutional law, Constitutions 'The Wyoming state constitution' -- subject(s): Constitutional history, Constitutional law, Constitutions