How many countries have Spanish as the official national language - and what are the names and capitals of those countries?

Spanish-Speaking Countries

Most countries have an "official national language"; there are 14 countries in the world that have Spanish as their official language, and 6 more (and a US territory) that have Spanish as the de facto national language (*).

Here is the list of countries by continent (with their capital in parenthesis):


Spain (Madrid)


Equatorial Guinea (Malabo) in West Africa

North and Central America

Mexico (Mexico City) *

Costa Rica (San José)

Cuba (Havana)

Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo) *

El Salvador (San Salvador)

Guatemala (Guatemala City)

Honduras (Tegucigalpa)

Nicaragua (Managua) *

Panama (Panama City)

Puerto Rico (San Juan) *

South America

Argentina (Buenos Aires) *

Bolivia (La Paz)

Chile (Santiago) *

Colombia (Bogotá)

Ecuador (Quito)

Paraguay (Asunción)

Peru (Lima)

Uruguay (Montevideo) *

Venezuela (Caracas)