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== WWE Title ==

Hulk Hogan won his first title with WWE ( then WWF ) on Janurary 24, 1984 against The Iron Sheik. From beating The Sheik he held the title for a total of 1474 Days before finally losing to André the Giant in 1988.

His second title capture was on April 2, 1989 when he beat ' Macho Man ' Randy Savage. He held the title for a total of 364 Days, where he lost a year later to The Ultimate Warrior.

On March 24, 1991 Hogan beat Sgt. Slaughter to capture his 3rd title. He continued to hold the title for a consecutive 248 Days.

At the Tuesday in Texas event, December 3, 1991, Hulk Hogan defeated The Undertaker to capture the title yet again. Although he only held the title for 1 Day, in very controversial circumstances.

Hogan used a handful of ashes from Undertaker's urn to blind his opponent, helping him get the pin and his title back for a fourth time. President Jack Tunney vacated the WWE Championship after the controversial endings to the last two Championship matches. The title was placed up for grabs at January's Royal Rumble.

By WrestleMania IX, Hollywood Hogan had been a former four-time WWE Champion. Additionally, he had announced his retirement from sports-entertainment 12 months prior. So when fans learned that Hogan was going to compete on the card at WrestleMania IX, they were shocked. He managed to beat Yokozuna on April 4, 1993. Thus holding the title for a further 70 Days, then dropping the title too Yokozuna.

Nine years later, Hogan captured his 6th and final title with his tenure in the WWE. On April 21, 2002 Hogan returned to the top of the WWE mountain when he defeated Triple H for the WWE Championship, more than 15 years after his initial WWE Championship victory over The Iron Sheik. He managed to hold onto the title for a further 28 Days before dropping the title to his opponent 11 years earlier, The Undertaker at the 2002 Judgement Day Pay Per View.

The total days reign for Hogan with the WWE Title is - 2,185 Days ( 5.9 Years )
And this was spanned 6 Title Reigns within the WWE over a 18 Year Period.

== == == WWE Tag Team Title ( With Edge ) ==
On July 2, 2002 ( The episode aired on the 4th ) Hogan teamed with Edge to face Billy & Chuck for the Tag Team Titles. Hogan and Edge won the match to gain Hogan's first and only Tag Team Title victory. Edge and Hogan defended the titles for a total time of 19 Days before dropping them to The Un-Americans Christian and Lance Storm.

== WCW Title ==
WCW signed Hogan in 1994, and in his first match on July 17, he managed to beat The Nature Boy Ric Flair to capture the title. He held the title for a total of 469 Days.

At the August 10, 1996 Hog Wild event, Hollywood Hulk Hogan ( as his heel persona was then ) defeated The Giant ( Paul Wight also known as The Big Show in WWE Programming ) to capture the title. He sprayed the letters nWo on the World Title to the disgust of many fans. He held this title for a consecutive 359 Days.

On August 9, 1997 Hogan defeated Lex Luger to grab the title for a 3rd Time. He held the strap for 141 Days, before dropping the title to Sting in December, 1997.

On an episode of Nitro, ( April 20, 1998 )Hogan managed to beat ' Macho Man ' Randy Savage in a No-Disqualification match. Nash Power bombed Hogan, but Bret Hart interfered on behalf of Hogan, helping him get the victory and the world title. It was just over 9 Years when he beat Savage in the WWE for the title. He managed to retain this for a further 77 Days.

In one of the most scandalous title changes of all time, the returning Hulk Hogan fooled everyone by poking Kevin Nash with one finger to defeat Nash for the WCW Heavyweight Championship. The post-match celebration was a reuniting of the nWo followed by a beat down of Goldberg. This all unfolded on the January 4, 1999 Episode of Nitro. Hogans 5th reign lasted all of 69 Days.

On the July 12, 1999 Episode of Nitro, Hogan captured his 6th and final title within the WCW. Following some interference from Kevin Nash, Hogan capitalized to once again become WCW World Champion beating ' Macho Man ' Randy Savage. He went on to defend this for a further 62 Days.

The total days reign for Hogan with the WCW Title is - 1,177 Days ( 3.2 Years )
And this was spanned 6 Title Reigns within the WWE over a 5 Year Period.

=== Total Statistics ===
Hogan held the WWE Title for 2,185 Days, the Tag Team Title for 19 Days and the WCW Title for 1,177 Days.
Thus making this a total of 3,381 Days ( 9.2 Years ) of holding Championship Gold.

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