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How many days do i have to take a car back to dealer in New York state if you do want the car?


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Unless the sales contract states you a Right of Rescission, once the contract is signed by you and the dealer, it is binding. A right of rescission in a contract gives you a cooling-off period where you can walk away from the deal. It's normal for homeowners to have this right when they use home equity loans to tap the equity in their homes, but isn't standard fare on the purchase agreement for a automobile.


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That will depend on the state and local laws, the purchase agreement, and the dealer itself.That will depend on the state and local laws, the purchase agreement, and the dealer itself.

Yes, depending on the state. In Florida you have 3 days after finishing a transaction to return it by law whether it be a vechicle or a health club membership.

Varies from state to state. In Louisiana, you have seven unexcused days of absence before you are held back.

It depends on the state requirement. For instance, South Carolina gives 45 days, but Georgia only gives 30 days. You just have to check with the dmv in your state to find out.

Im having car problems I just have days that I took it out from the dealership can I take it back and take another car out?

0 Days if you signed the paperwork at the dealership, 3 days if you signed paperwork outside the dealership (ie. Home, Work, School etc.). Unless the dealer offers a time period in which to return the vehicle. For example the dealer I work for offers a 3 day 500 mile money back guarantee. Hope this helps someone.

yes , but that was back in the old days.

It varies state to state. Here in OH the dealership has 45 days to provide you with a clear title.

In answering your question I suggest that you look at the laws in your state. If the dealer still has your vehicle you do have the chance to walk away from the vehicle depending on what your state says about the lemon laws. In my opinion I would ask for my money back and look for a vehicle that does not have to be repaired the point at which you buy it. If the dealer refuse's then you have a legal right to contact a lawyer or depending on the amount go to small claims court. In closing REMEMBER the Lemon Laws in your state are there to protect you and use them well.

New York State regulations require that school districts must be in session for all students for not less than 180 days.

Laws of individual states may vary, but as to New York state, a New York State resident is defined as a person who lives in New York with the intent that New York be their "fixed and permanent" place to reside. Evidence of Residency - A person who lives in a home, apartment or room in New York state for 90 days or more is considered to have "presumptive evidence" that she is a resident of New York. Establishing Residency Under New York state law - a person has established residency in New York state when he pays New York state taxes and has a New York state driver's license or identification card, a New York state voter registration card and bank accounts within the state.

Only if the selling dealer agrees to take it back. Otherwise it is yours and there is no legal way to return it.

No, once you buy it and the title is signed, it is yours until you sell it.

depends on your state, usually 30 days but can be up to 60.

A contract is a legally binding agreement unless it states otherwise. If the contract says you have five days to bring it back, you can bring it back. A dealer may be nice enough to let you bring it back if you explain the circumstances but after it leaves their lot, they usually do not care.

Contact you State Attorney General and find out if your state has a Lemon Law. Keep accurate and detailed records of all repairs. The number of times it was in for repair, days out of service, etc. Allow the dealer a resonable amount of time to repair the vehicle. Keep taking it back until it is fixed or they say they can't fix it.

Well it varies from country to country and for the USA it depends among the state you are from. For instance, in South Carolina, the dealer license plate is valid for 45 days. In Rhode Island it is valid for 60 days. So it on the location.

It is not the Dealer that is the problem, they have to mail in the paper work to the STATE and that is what takes time. Between the postal service and the state workers can sometimes take more than five days, the new title has to be made and mailed with the plate. if it only took five days then that was fast. when you get to near the end of your temp tag contact the dealer or call them every day if you are worried, they can let you know what progress is being made. Or you can do it yourself by taking the paperwork to the office of DMV of course then the Dealer will not be able to charge you a fee for getting you your license plates.

My guess: The number of foggy days change each year depending on the temperature.

A person cannot return a car bought at a Wisconsin dealership within 30 days and ask for a refund. There is a designated process to go through to resolve issues with purchased vehicles in Wisconsin. Under the Lemon Laws for the state of Wisconsin there is a form called an MV2338 that must be filed with the state after the dealer is informed of a problem.

New York Days was created in 2008-02.

No, the buyers remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a new or used vehicle. However New York does have a state used car lemon law. Check with your state Attorney General for the details.

Generally, an automobile dealer cannot cancel a financed contract after ten days. If this happens to you, you should contact a lawyer.

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