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Q: Can a dealer take back a car 6 days after you signed the contract?
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Does a auto dealer have the right to back out of a contract for a new car two days after the paperwork has been signed?

No they have already signed the papers agreeing to the contract

Cand I void the contract for a new car purchase if the car never left the lot?

Not if you signed the papers and paid for it, unless the selling dealer agrees. You cannot simply void a contract you have already signed. Legally you are bound to that contract. Talk to the selling dealer. You have 3 business days to cancel the contract.

Can you return your car to the dealership after you signed a contract?

Yes, the dealer can cancel the contract but it is within 10 days of the date on the purchase contract.

Can dealership back out of signed contract once approved financing and drove the car off lot?

after approved financing and signed contract, have had car 8 days, can a dealership take car back?

In the state of MO can you cancel an automobile purchase within three days if you haven't driven the automobile off of the lot?

Not if you signed the papers and paid for it, unless the selling dealer agrees. You cannot simply void a contract you have already signed. Legally you are bound to that contract. Talk to the selling dealer.

In New Jersey how many days to you have to return a new car you purchased from a car dealer?

Read the contract that you signed when you made the purchase

Can a used car dealer verbally add on a late charge for 1 day late months after the contract that was signed said 10 days late there would be a charge?

No, a Signed contract is Legally binding, you would need permission from a courthouse to modify any such contract.

What can you do if an automobile dealer cancels the contract after ten days?

Generally, an automobile dealer cannot cancel a financed contract after ten days. If this happens to you, you should contact a lawyer.

Can a dealer take back their car within 3 days of purchase?

No, once you buy it and the title is signed, it is yours until you sell it.

If the installment contract had inadvertently not been signed by the seller and the buyer wants out after three days is this a sufficient loophole for a used car contract?

The dealer typically never signs the contract when the customer does. The dealer principal does quite often. Sorry this is not a loophole, its still a binding contract. However if you signed an open contract where it doesn't say what bank anywhere on the contract its assigned to then a very good lawyer can help you. Sometimes dealers can have you sign a contact without getting an approval from a bank first so they can leave that part out for them to hand write it in later.

How many days do i have to take a car back to dealer in New York state if you do want the car?

Unless the sales contract states you a Right of Rescission, once the contract is signed by you and the dealer, it is binding. A right of rescission in a contract gives you a cooling-off period where you can walk away from the deal. It's normal for homeowners to have this right when they use home equity loans to tap the equity in their homes, but isn't standard fare on the purchase agreement for a automobile.

If you buy a car and have five days to keep it and after the five days you dont think you can pay for it can you take it back?

A contract is a legally binding agreement unless it states otherwise. If the contract says you have five days to bring it back, you can bring it back. A dealer may be nice enough to let you bring it back if you explain the circumstances but after it leaves their lot, they usually do not care.

I signed a contract but never took delivery of the RV up can you back out of it?

If financing has already went through, probably not. In most states you have a three day recision (located at the bottom of the contract) . You should have signed that as well. If it has been more than three days the chances are not good.

You bought a new car but the dealer keeps lying to you when you can take delivery and you m geeting feed up with their excuses can you cancel the deal?

can i cancel the deal it's been3 days since i signed the contract

You have had your new car 11 days can you return it if you are not sastified with the contract?

if you signed the contract it may be to late depending on its given constraints.

In the state of Arizona how many days does a person have to legally cancel a written and signed contract?

In the state of Arizona a person that has legally signed a written contract has 72 hours to void the contract. This applies to all legal contracts

Can a buy here pay here auto dealer repo your car if it is less than 30 days late on a payment?

Read the contract you signed. They very well may be able to repossess the car if you are 30 days late. Depends on the contract and your state laws. Legally you have defaulted on the agreement if you are 1 day late.

If you return a car within 30 days of purchase from a dealer what can they do in Ohio?

What does 30 days have to do with you signing a contract to pay X number of $$$ per month for XXX months?? Is there something in the contract about "30 days"?

In the state of Florida how many days do you have to cancel a finance agreement on a used automobile?

0 Days if you signed the paperwork at the dealership, 3 days if you signed paperwork outside the dealership (ie. Home, Work, School etc.). Unless the dealer offers a time period in which to return the vehicle. For example the dealer I work for offers a 3 day 500 mile money back guarantee. Hope this helps someone.

In the State of Florida How many days do you have to cancel a new car purchase contract.?

There is no 3 day to cancel a new car purchase contract. The only time you have 3 days if the dealer came to your house or place of business and Solicit you. There is no 3 day to cancel a new car purchase contract. The only time you have 3 days if the dealer came to your house or place of business and Solicit you. ------------------------------------------------------------- Always read your contract before you deal with dealer, And I think is 10 days is very common for cancel your contract but it all are depend on your down payment & dealer's financial condition.

How long do you have to back out of a written contract?

3 days

Can you return a used car to the dealer in 4 days?

depends on the state your in and if they sold it on their lot or off premises. Mostly if you signed the contract you own that vehicle so i would definitely talk to the dealer and see if you can work out anything. Only some dealers give you that choice but it is a company policy not the law

How do you get out of a contract you signed 2 days ago?

You can contact the party you joined with. Explain why you want to terminate it with him/her.

Can a dealer rescind an offer if they had given the buyer 30 days to decide offer?

If the 30 day offer was part of a formal contract which both you and the seller signed, during which the seller agreed to hold the item for 30 days while awaiting your decision then, no, it probably is not enforceable in law.

Which prevails contract resulting from court ordered mediation or dismissal of all claims with prejudice 10 days after mediation agreement contract signed without a court order?

Can you change agreement to a mediation after you signed it? What is the grace period?