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I would say that you can't return the car because,at a used dealership it's usually "AS IS" so the way you bought it is the way you going to have to deal with it.Also you could have looked for a used car with a warranty for only 30 days. That's all they give you at a used dealership.

In most cases, the 72 hour "Right of Rescission" law applies only if the item or items purchased were delivered to your doorstep and/or sold to you at your residence...i.e. door to door vacuum cleaner salespeople. If you buy a own it.

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Q: How many days if any do you have to return a used car purchased from a dealership?
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How many days do you have to return a car you purchased?

Three days.

How many days can you return a new car purchased in Florida?

Zero.. there is no return policy

How many days do you have to return a used car purchased from a dealership in the state of Alabama?

You cannot return a car you purchased used or new in any state. The buyers remorse law or cooling off period law only applies to unsolicited purchases and not to the purchase of a vehicle. You bought it and you own it.

Where can Audi a4 cars be purchased?

Audi A4 cars can be purchased at many different places like an Audi dealership or at a different dealership. They can also be purchased at many on-line sites like one named Edmund's Used Cars.

Where can a used Ford F250 be purchased?

There are many places a used Ford F250 could be purchased. A used Ford F250 could easily be purchased at a Ford dealership or a local used car dealership. They can also be purchased from online directory sites.

In New Jersey how many days to you have to return a new car you purchased from a car dealer?

Read the contract that you signed when you made the purchase

How do you return a used car?

It is going to depend on the circumstances. If you purchased the vehicle and it is a lemon.. then you can contact the place where you purchased it and get them to replace or reimburse you for the vehicle. There are stipulations to follow which outlines if it falls under the "lemon law". Usually when you purchase a vehicle, they give you so many days to return it if you are not satisfied. If you do not return it within those days, then you are obligated to pay for the vehicle.

Where can one purchase an Acura CA?

There are many places an Acura CA could be purchased. An Acura CA could easily be purchased at an Acura dealership, or it can be purchased from online directory sites.

How many days do you have to return a car to the dealership?

None, the buyers remorse laws do not apply to the purchase of any vehicle new or used in any state. You bought the car and you own the car.

How many days do I have to return a pair of Asics gel Kinsei?

Every store has its own return policy regarding purchased goods. I would suggest contacting the place you bought the asics gel kinsei runners and inquire about their return policy.

Can you return a 2012 Toyota Camry after just 4 days of buying it?

You should be able to. It depends on the laws in your state. I am in CA and there is a 3 day return policy/cancel a contract law. Call the dealership and the loan company. Do it now before you go too many more days with the car.

How many days do you have to return an item from the internet?

28 days

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