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How many degrees do you need to become a vet?


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In the United States, you only need one degree - a DVM or VMD.


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doctor of veterinary, bachelor of veterinary science, and animal husbandry degrees

i think you do need one to become a vet.

how to becaome a vet and wat educaition and training you need to become a vet how to becaome a vet and wat educaition and training you need to become a vet yofyfyufikliuop[;'#

you need 500 hundred points in Ireland

you need maths to become a vet because you need to be able to add how many mililtres of moriphine, antiboiotics etc. an animal needs and stuff like that

Yes, you need your grade twelve education to become a vet, along with schooling from University.

the classes you need to become an equine vet are chemistry and biology, maths or physics and English

Vets don't need Master's degrees, they need Doctorate degrees (DVM-Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). Technically, they don't need Bachelors degrees for many vet schools either, they just need to pass entry exams, GREs, MCATs, etc. Because those exams require several years of classes (chem, bio, A&P) to prep for anyway, most vet students received BS or BA degrees before Vet school.

To become a vet you don't need to know many languages. It depends on where and what country you are in. For exsample if you worked in Spain you should learn spanish and if you worked in France you should learn French. x

you need to study lots of science and

I heard that you need to have five highers(a-levels) to become a vet. You need biology and chemistry the most.

first you must have your undergraduate degree which takes four years, then you need to go to vet school which is another four years, so it will take a total of 8 years to become a vet...

Yes you need a vetinary liscience. It helps to have degrees in biology too.

you need to have a relationship with pets.

you need to accomplish math and science

You need a medicinal license and a doctor's license.

If you mean a wildlife vet, you need the same amount of schooling that any veterinarian needs, which is to go through vet school.

I am pretty sure that you have to get an op 1 or 2 cause that is what my cousin told me. And she wants to become a vet aswell.

You need, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Math, and English ;P

Is it easy being a vet. the reason i want to be a vet is because I really love animals. i was wondering if you could help me on what i need to know?

you need a score of 1-8

it takes 8 years to be a vet technician

the collage act score needed to become a vet is 100.9 percent need to know alot about animals and how they react

No, you do not have to complete an internship to become a veterinarian. However, as part of your application to veterinary college in the US, you will need to both list hours of veterinary experience in which you either worked with/under a licensed vet or you job-shadowed a vet and provide 2-3 letters of recommendations from current veterinarians.

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