How many different place did Barack Obama live?

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Illinois, Hawaii,chicago. sorry, that's all I could get.
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How many children does Barack Obama have?

Barack and Michele Obama have two biological children, both daughters. Malia Ann (their first) who, was born July 4, 1998 and followed by a second daughter, Natasha ("Sasha"), on June 10, 2001. Internet rumors that Mr. Obama also has a step-daughter (or in some versions of the myth, a step-son) ( Full Answer )

Were does Barack Obama live?

He lives at the White House, in Washington DC. This is where all US presidents live. Before he lived at the White House, Mr. Obama lived in a home in Chicago, Illinois.

What does Barack Obama do for a living?

Barack Obama is now the president of the United States; he was elected in 2008, and then re-elected in 2012. This means he is the leader of the United States, the leader of his political party (the Democrats) and the Commander in Chief of the US Military. Before Mr. Obama became president, he was ( Full Answer )

Where did Barack Obama live?

Distilled from Wikipedia's page on Barack Obama: Barack Obama was born in Hawaii Aug 4 1961. His family moved to Indonesia in 1967 when his mother's second husband, Lolo Soetoro, was recalled there (along with all other Indonesian students) when Emperor Suharto took power there. Obama and his ( Full Answer )

How many siblings did Barack Obama have?

He has one biological half-sister on his mother's side-- from his mother's second marriage. Her name is Maya, and by all accounts, the president is very close with her (she lives in Hawaii with her husband). He also has about five half-siblings from his father's side, who are from his biological fat ( Full Answer )

What did Barack Obama do when he lived in Indonesia?

When President Obama was a child, he went to St. Francis Assisi Catholic school in Jakarta, Indonesia, for three years when his mother married an Indonesian man. Barack Obama went to an Indonesian public school in Jakarta for one year before moving back to Honolulu, Hawaii.

When did Barack Obama live?

I wonder if you left out part of your question. Obama is the current US president.

Where did Barack Obama live as a child?

Barack Obama mostly grew up in Hawaii-- except for a four-year period when he and his mom lived in Indonesia. He was born in Hawaii in 1961, but after his dad abandoned the family, his mom re-married, and they moved to Jakarta, where he lived with his new step-dad; but while he was happy there, he m ( Full Answer )

Why did Barack Obama live in Indonesia?

Barack Obama lived in Indonesia as a result of his mother's re-marriage. After Barack's father left him and his mom when he was still a baby, his mom eventually remarried. Her new husband, Lolo Soetoro, was from Indonesia, and the family moved there for about four years. But Barack returned to Hawai ( Full Answer )

Where has Barack Obama lived?

He has mostly lived in Hawaii and Chicago, and now of course in Washington DC . He also spent a few years in Indonesia as a boy and went to college in LA, New York City and Cambridge, Mass. he lived in honalulu Hawaii

When Barack Obama was young where did he live?

He was born in Hawaii and lived there for the first several years of his life. After his mother and biological father got divorced, she ultimately remarried; her new husband was from Indonesia, and the family moved there for about four years. Then, Barack returned to Hawaii to finish his education.

In which city did Barack Obama live?

He lived in Honolulu, Hawaii for the first few years of his life. He then moved with his mom and step-dad to Jakarta, Indonesia for four years. He then returned to Honolulu, Hawaii to live with his grandparents through high school. After that, he lived in the cities where he attended college: Los An ( Full Answer )

Which city did Barack Obama live in?

Before he was president, Barack Obama lived in a number of cities.He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and lived there till he finishedkindergarten. He lived for about four years in Jakarta, Indonesia,before moving back to Honolulu to finish middle school and highschool. He next lived in Los Angeles and ( Full Answer )

How many states has Barack Obama lived in?

He has been a legal resident of two states, Hawaii and Illinois. He went to college in California, New York and Massachusetts but I do not if these states considered him to be a resident.

How many places did Barack Obama go to school?

1. Catholic school in Indonesia.. 2. Public school in Indonesia. 3. Punahou School in Hawaii. 4. Occidental College. 5. Columbia University . 6. Harvard Law School

How many servants does Barack Obama have?

First, it is misleading to refer to "servants," a term reminiscent of royalty. Mr. Obama is not a king, and he does not have servants. However, like all presidents, he does have attendants, aides, and various staff-members who work for him and perform the many duties necessary to keeping the White H ( Full Answer )

Did Barack Obama ever live in a different country?

Yes. When he was about five, his mother remarried and the family moved from Hawaii to Indonesia. They lived there for four years, and then Mr. Obama came back to his native Hawaii to attend school in Honolulu.

What places did Barack Obama lived in?

He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and lived there till age 5; then his mom and new step-dad move to Indonesia, where he lived till he was ten, before returning to Hawaii. In college, he lived first in (Los Angeles) California, then in (New York City) New York. He found a job as a community organizer a ( Full Answer )

Where does president Barack Obama live?

In the White House! I am not sure I understand the question. If you are asking where does Barack Obama live, he lives in Washington DC, since he is president of the United States. But his legal residence is Chicago (he was born in Hawaii, but began living in Chicago in the mid-1980s).

Where does the Barack Obama live?

Being the US President, Obama currently resides in the White House. Before the election, he lived in Hawaii.

What did Barack Obama did to earn a living?

Before he was president, Barack Obama was a U.S. senator from Illinois. Prior to that, he was a state senator. Prior to that, he was a law school professor and a civil rights lawyer. And prior to that, he was a community organizer and an advocate for the poor.

How many quotes does Barack Obama have?

A quote is repeating what someone else has said, perhaps to fit a particular context. Any person may be quoted or quote someone else, so there are innumerable quotes a person may make and an innumerable number of times a person may be quoted.

When did Barack Obama live in Africa?

President Barack Obama never lived in Africa . His father, also named Barack Obama (1936-1982) lived in Africa (Kenya) most of his life. He went to college in the US (first in Hawaii and then, later, in Massachusetts) from 1959 to 1965.

Why did Barack Obama live in Hawaii?

His mom and dad met at the University of Hawaii, and thus, the future president was born in Hawaii. He also lived much of his life there, except for four years in Indonesia, from when he was six to when he was ten. He moved back to Hawaii and moved in with his grandparents, living with them from abo ( Full Answer )

What other places did Barack Obama live before?

He lived in Hawaii for a few years of highschool. my teacher went to school wiyh him and has the yearbook with him in it. But other than that, nothing has been proved

Did Barack Obama live with his mom?

He lived with his mother , in Hawaii and Indonesia until he was 10. He then was sent back to Hawaii to live with his grandparents and go to private school in Hawaii. His mother joined them in Hawaii when he was 11 and stayed for 5 years until she went back to Indonesia to work.

What places did Barack Obama visit?

It is difficult to answer this question without more information. For example, he was born in Hawaii, but when he was five, his mother remarried and the family moved to Indonesia, where he spent four years. Later, as a college student, he visited Pakistan. Later, he made a trip to Kenya to meet some ( Full Answer )

How many votes are in for Barack Obama?

Although the election was on November 6, 2012, there are still a few votes that have not been counted yet; but the total we have is 62,615,406 votes (51%) for President Obama, with 332 electoral votes; and 59,142,004 (48%) votes for Mitt Romney, with 206 electoral votes.

How has Barack Obama made a difference?

Barack Obama has made a difference. he has lowered job amount (I and many more people have been unemployed) he has raised taxes he has lowered minimum wadge so basically vote for mit romney

What was Barack Obama place of residence?

It depends on which time in his life. He lived in Hawaii from the time he was born in 1961 till he was about five years old. He spent four years in Indonesia with his mom and step-dad, then moved back to Hawaii. In college, he lived in Los Angeles for two years, then New York City. When he graduated ( Full Answer )

What is the name where Barack Obama lives?

Barack Obama, as the president of the United States, lives in an official residence in Washington DC. It is called the "White House" and it really is a white house, like a mansion. If you are from another country, you may not have seen it, so I enclose a link that has some photos of it.

How many awards did Barack Obama get?

Barack Obama graduated from Harvard Law School with an award for academic excellence-- "Magna Cum Laude," which means he was in the top 10% of his class. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. He has also won two Grammy Awards, for the spoken-word versions of his two best-selling books.

What places did Barack Obama go to?

If you are asking where he went in his life, he has done a lot of traveling. He was born in Hawaii, but his mom and step-dad moved to Indonesia when he was five, and he spent four years in that country before returning to Hawaii. He has lived in California, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, and o ( Full Answer )

How many guards does Barack Obama have?

You may be referring to "body guards," although it is more likely that Mr. Obama relies on the Secret Service, rather than on a body guard. All presidents are given a certain amount of protection, and Mr. Obama is no exception. But the number of Secret Service agents who protect him is never made pu ( Full Answer )

How many dads does Barack Obama have?

He has two-- one biological father (Barack Obama Senior) and one step-dad (Lolo Soetoro). On the other hand, President Obama has also said he thinks of his maternal grandfather, Stanley Dunham, as a dad, since his maternal grandparents helped to raise him.

Did Barack Obama live with his mother?

Yes, absolutely. For the first five years of his life, he and his mom lived in Honolulu. Then, his mom re-married and they all moved to Indonesia. The schools were not very good and the country was politically unstable (plus he missed Hawaii), so when he was about ten, his mom sent him back to Honol ( Full Answer )

How many cases did Barack Obama do?

If you are asking how many cases Barack Obama tried when he was acivil rights attorney in Chicago, we do not have the exact number.We do however have a lot of information about what he did as alawyer. According to newspaper reports, in 1993, he was hired as ajunior attorney at the Chicago law firm t ( Full Answer )