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There are abought 75,000 scientifically known fungi. There may be even millions more that have not been found yet.

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Are there many types of different fungi?

Fungi is a there are so many species

What is the kingdom phylum class order family genus species of fungi?

Fungi are a Kingdom of Eukaryotes - which means there are many, many different species.Here are a couple examples of the classification of fungi:Fibrillanosema crangonycisKingdom: FungiPhylum: MicrosporidiaGenus: FibrillanosemaSpecies: F. crangonycisFly agaricKingdom: FungiPhylum: BasidiomycotaClass: AgaricomycetesOrder: AgaricalesFamily: AmanitaceaeGenus: AmanitaSpecies: A. muscaria

Will mold grow on mold?

It is possible. Fungi are good at chemical warfare; if a species is unaffected by the chemicals secreted by another species, they can overgrow that species. There are many species of fungi that are parasitic on other fungi.

How many species of fungi are there?


Are any Fungi extinct?

Yes of course many species of Fungi have gone extinct, as have many species of Plants, Animals, etc.

How many cells does Fungi have?

The amount of cells that a fungi has depends on the species. There are species that are multicellular and those that have single cells.

What is the sientific name for fungi?

Fungi is a kingdom.There are so many species in the Kingdom.

How many chromosomes do fungi have?

It depends on the species.

What underwater species eat fungi?

Sea species do not eat fungi. Many fungi can cause disease and infect fish and other sea creatures that come in contact with them.

Are fungi mulitcellular?

It depends on what kind of fungi you have, some species of fungi are unicellular and some species of fungi are multicellular.

What percentage of mushrooms are in the species of fungi?

You have your terminology mixed up here. There is no 'the species of fungi'. Fungi is a kingdom name and there are species of mushrooms in the Fungi kingdom. All mushrooms are in the fungi kingdom.

Do fungi only thrive on rotting wood?

No, there are many species of fungi all over the planet. They live in conditions that are very different. From rotting wood, to inside the human body!

Does fungi live in t he ocean?

Yes! Many species of fungi thrive in ocean waters.

How many species of fungus are there?

David Hawksworth estimated that there are 1.5 million species of fungi.

What are five different types of fungi species?

bottom oyster flat truffe gnocchi

Different types of fungi?

There are a great many different types of fungi. Some fungi serve to help decompose or digest food for example.

What animal eats coral fungi?

several species of birds eat several species of fungi

How many different species are there?

There are a million's of different species.

How many different types of fungi are there?


What is kelpin?

a species of fungi

What is a biocommunication?

A biocommunication is an instance of communication within or between different species of plants, animals, fungi and bacteria.

Which species are decomposers in coral reefs?

too many species to list... thousands of species of bacteria, fungi, worms, slugs, snails, starfish, crustaceans.

How much fungi is there?

There are many estimates, but the best known one is 1.5 million species.

What are the 5 different divisions in the Fungi Kingdom?

What are the 5 different divisions of the Fungi Kingdom?Sac FungiClub FungiImperfect FungiZygote FungiLichens

Name at least 4 different kinds of fungi?

There are over one hundred thousand species of fungi currently identified. Four commonly known groups of fungi include mushrooms, lichens, truffles, and oak polypore.

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