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How many feet in one second of longitude?

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The 'second' referred to is in reference to Degrees Minutes & Seconds Such As:

N 11°22'33" E (example) Where the 33" is the "Seconds".

However in the case listed above, the Degrees, minutes, and Seconds refers to a direction and not a location. The appropriate answer to the question refers to Latitude and Longitude, where you will express the degrees, minutes, and seconds as a location rather than a direction and will appear similar to this:

11°22'33" N, 11°22'33" W (example)

Answer in this scenario:

A degree covers about 69 miles. Divide that by minutes and find that there is about 1.15 miles in a minute. Divide that by 60 and you will find that there is about .019 miles in a second. Since there are 5280 feet in a mile, multiply .019 by 5280 to get about 101.20 feet in a second.

There are APPROXIMATLEY 101.20 FEET between two seconds of latitude or longitude.


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How many feet in a degree of longitude?

Knowing longitude and latitude are important for anyone who is reading a map or navigating a ship. There are 366,666 feet in one degree of longitude.

What is a smallest unit of measurement for latitude and longitude?

The Second. A Second is 1/60th of a Minute, 1/3600th of a Degree. One second of longitude represents roughly 31 meters (102 feet) at the Equator.

How many feet are in one degree of latitude at 43 degrees longitude?

Every degree of latitude is the same size, regardless of its longitude. That size is about 69.11 miles, or 364,900 feet.

How many feet are in a second of longitude?

About 101.1-ft at the equator, decreasing (as the cosine of the latitude) toward the poles. ,Additional Information: At the equator . . .One arc second = 1/60/60 degree = ~30 meter length = ~100 feet.,One arc minute = 1/60 degree = ~1855 meters ~ one nautical mile ~ 6087 feet.

How many feet in one second at 50 mph?

50 mph = 73.3 feet per second.

How far is a second in latitude and longitude?

1" in latitude represents a distance of about 102 feet. 1" of longitude represents a distance of about 102 feet along the equator. The farther from the equator you are, the shorter 1" of longitude becomes. At the north and south poles, all longitudes converge in one point.

How many feet would a car travel in 1 second at 21 mph?

30.8 feet in one second.

How many feet per second is one mile per hour?

1 mph = 1.46 feet per second.

How many feet per second per 1 knot?

One knot equates to about 1.687 feet per second.

How many feet do you travel in one second at 40 mph?

At 40 mph you are traveling about 58.667 feet every second.

How many degree are there in 1 longitude?

That's like asking "How many feet are there in one length ?" The "longitude" of a place is an angle. You can measure it and describe it in any angle units. "Degree" is one possibility of something to use.

How many feet have to be in the lane for 3 second violation?


How many mph is 9ft in 1 second?

Nine feet in one second = 6.14 mph

How many feet does a car traveling 70 miles per hour go in one second?

102.7 feet every second at 70mph

How many feet per second does a vehicle travel at mph?

About 1.47 feet per second for every one mile per hour.

How many feet will sound travel in one minute?

At the temperature of 20 degrees Celsius the sound travels 343 meters in one second or 1125.328 feet in one second. That is 20580 meters in one minute or 67523 feet in one minute.

What country has the second greatest longitude?

Canada has the second greatest longitude, meaning it has the second greatest distance from one farthest point to the other. Usually, the largest countries are the longest.

How many feet per second is 830000000 kilometers per one hour?

830000000 km/hour = 830000000/3600 km/second = 230555.6 km/second = 756,416,010.5 feet/second

If 60 miles is in 1 hour how many feet is this per second?

60 miles in one hour is the same as: 88 feet per second.

How many feet traveled in one second doing 60kph?

60 kilometers (km) per hour is equal to about 54.7 feet per second.

What is the measurement of distance between seconds of longitude?

All longitudes converge at the north and south poles, so the distance representedby any change in longitude depends on where you are with respect to the equatorand the poles.One second of longitude corresponds to 101.36 feet along the equator, andzero distance at the poles.In between, it's(101.36 feet) x cosine (your latitude)

How many feet in one sec?

Feet refers to a distance while seconds is time, so you can't say that there are a certain number of feet in one second. You can however say that you travel a certain number of feet in one second, but that number depends on the velocity that you are traveling at.

If an object travels at 4.5 feet per second how many feet does it travel in one hour?

16,200 feet per hour.

If traveling at two feet per second how many miles have you traveled in one hour?

At two feet per second, you will travel 1.364 miles in one hour.

How many feet is 200 fps?

per one second, it is 200 feet length. in one minute, it wil be 200 x 60 = 12000 feet, ...etc.

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