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How many fuel injectors are on a 92 Paseo and are they hard to change?

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There are four fuel injectors. If your looking for replacements, try I own a 96 paseo and they have a set of four for around $160. Check for availability. As for the difficulty of this repair, I have not done it yet on my vehicle. The above website sells re-manufactured injectors. If you are interested in buying brand new ones, expect to pay $100 or more each.

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How hard is it to change out a 1992 Toyota Paseo Fuel Filter?

fairly easy

How do you change the fuel injectors on your 99 olds alero 3.4 liter?

There are many little steps when removing the injectors, I would recomend a haynes manual. It's not hard to do, but better if you have the pics in the book to go by.

Hard or no start 03 dodge diesel?

Probably the fuel pump. Or the injectors.

How hard is it to replace injectors?

There was a recall on the fuel injectors on the M30's due to leakage. Just take it to a dealer and they will replace the injectors for free. You'll even get a loaner car while they work on yours.

My h22 motor feels like if it is chocking when you pushes hard on the accelerator the h22 replaces an f22b will i have to change the fuel pump please ans in a 1993 prelude?

It could be a number of things, in line fuel filter clog, fuel pressure faulty, it also might be electrical related, ie electrical to Fuel Injectors, partially blocked Fuel Injectors. OR it could be that you have a blown head gasket and your engine is loosing compression. that's what happened to mine.. =//

Suzuki xl-7 fuel injection problems?

Fuel injectors eventually wear out or get clogged. In these case, you need to?æreplace the fuel injector. Failure to change it can lead to bigger problems like poor fuel economy, hard starting, rough idle, and sometimes, having a fuel smell inside the vehicle.?æ

What would your car do if you had a bad fuel filter?

Bad as in dirty would simply supply unfiltered fuel to the injectors resulting in misfiring,hard starting and uneven and generally bad acceleration.Bad as in faulty could lead to fuel starvation,motor won't start, rev,cut out etc. no, supply unfiltered gas to the injectors? its a restriction, meaning no or very little gas to injectors, low or no fuel pressure

Nissan Maxima fuel filter change?

How hard is it to change a 2000 Nissan maxima fuel filter

How do you know if your fuel pump is no good?

loosen the fuel line and if fuel squirts forcefully out the pump should be good,but it's really hard to tell pressure wise if you have fuel injectors they need a specific pressure to run.

Why does your firebird have a hard time to start cold?

Carb.? Choke not working or not adjusted properly/ Fuel Injected? Perhaps loosing prime (bad injectors)? Weak fuel pump?

Where are the fuel injectors on a 1996 Chevy Blazer and are they easy to change?

underneath the plenum which sits on top your intake manifold. as far as being hard to (JUST CHANGE) not really, more time consuming then anything and a bit expensive so be sure you need to replace them at all.

When should i change the Fuel filter on mini cooper S?

no set time also very hard change .should be change when fuel pump change

Why would my fuel mileage drop suddenly with my f-350 7.3 powerstroke diesel?

You could have bad injectors or glow plugs. It is hard to say without more information. Injectors would be the first thing I would have checked.

How to Change fuel filter 1996 Mazda 323?

to hard.. get a mechanic to do it.......

What is cause of hard starting especially after sitting all night on a 1998 Cadillac Seville that has had the fuel pump fuel regulator injectors and engine control module replaced?

I had the same issue with a 1997 SLS. I started with replacing the fuel filter and it has helped.

Can you run your range rover on bio diesel?

yes you can . i run a1996 p38 on it for the last 2 months and covered 2500 miles with no problems .if your RR gets sluggish change the fuel filter .i now use 100 percent bio now. And maybe the person who posted this answer will come back and tell you how much they spent on repairs when they found out the hard way that biodiesel will clog your injectors and fuel lines, and destroy your fuel pump. There is a method to properly convert a ULSD motor to biodiesel... you have to replace the fuel pump, fuel lines, and injectors. Biodiesel is much thicker than ULSD.

How hard is it to change the fuel pump on a 2003 Chevrolet Impala 3.4L?

You will have to drop the fuel tank to access the fuel module. It is not a job to do on the ground.

1986 Mercedes 190e It runs rough at idle and hard to start At cruising speed it rums pretty good What could be wrong new plugswireso2fuel filter already?

HI, The best thing to do is check the basic issues that could affect starting. You have already changed the plugs, wires and fuel filter. Have you cleaned the fuel injectors with a pint or two of commercial fuel injection cleaner? Dirty, clogged fuel injectors do not give a fine spray of fuel, preventing the engine from starting easily. When the engine is cold it will missfire and stumble. When it is warm it will run better with dirty injectors, but your fuel mileage will be poor. Also, consider a new air filter. Other, more expensive issues are replacements of fuel injectors, mass air flow sensor, and other sensors that measure and regulate the air/fuel mixture, etc. hope this helpsH

What size injectors do you run in a 1995 eagle talon tsi with a 16g turbo?

Good size injectors for a 16g are 550cc or 650cc. You wont need anymore than that. But a bigger fuel pump will be needed so you won't over run the factory one. Hard wiring fuel pumps kills them looooong before their time.

How hard is it to change fuel filter in 1989 Toyota corolla?

15 mitutes

Why does your 2000 Chevrolet pickup with a 5.7L engine start hard after sitting for 10 minutes?

Probably a bad fuel pressure regulator. I bet if u let it sit for a while it starts fine, due to an excess amount of fuel goin through the fuel injectors.

1993 Mazda 626 will not turn over it will crank but not start When pressing the gas while trying to it will get closer What could be the problem It has been sitting for a year after the pump broke?

You may have some gummed up injectors. See if it will run with a little starting fluid. If it does, be suspicious of the fuel and the injectors. If everything else seems ok, and it fires briefly with the starting fluid, try getting all of the old fuel out, change the filter then put a couple gallons of fresh fuel back with some injector cleaner mixed in it. You may have to try it a few times with starting fluid, but if it doesn't fire then, remove the injectors and see if you can have them cleaned. Sitting for a year is very hard on the fuel system and rubber parts of a vehicle.

You are in the process of changing the o-rings on a 94 3.5 fuel injectors The problem Im having is how to remove the fuel injectors from the manifold you have the manifold out off the engine but you c?

i used a small piece of wood and put it on the bottom of the injector and used a pair of channel locks to smash it out its kidda hard but you will get it dont forget to replace the o ring on all the injectors cause there is a recall on them so why dont you take it to the dealer and get them replaced for free

Can you drive your car if the car is jerking?

no because your car can die or the transmission might slip. you can have a clogged Fuel Injectors , your fuel filter can be dirty and need to be replaced. In so rare cases if your car is jerking to hard it can resulted in a bad transmission.

Cold starting car is fine. after driving and shut off it's hard to restart and stalls out?

i had the same problem with my car i had to change the fuel pump have had to do this many times first i would check the fuel pressure regulator it is located in the fuel rail remove the small hose, vacume line see if fuel comes out of it if so it needs to be replaced on intrepid at the back of the motor hard to get that's where i would start if no fuel leaking out of the hose or the regulator then i would do a fuel pressure test cold and hot to see if there is a leak down problem for some reason the fuel is leaking into the intake making it hard to start hot good luck also could be fuel injectors fuel pressure should tell if you know how to do a leak down test

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