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Usually around 2-3 gallons


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A 2001 Intrepid does not have an oil change light.

Not via a manual, but the most amount that I've ever used (full tank to "empty light" on) was just under 14 gallons. 2002 Dodge Intrepid SE, 2.7L Engine.

I just got my 2003 Intrepid back from the shop. Exact symptoms - bad oil sending unit.

If it's absolutely empty, then it's 22 gallons but if you fill it when the gas light comes on, it's 20 gallons.

Trunk light switch is part of the trunk light socket assembly...

Theoretically, the tank holds 25 US Gallons. In practice, when the fuel light comes on, I fill around 20 gallons.

The airbag computer has detected a malfunction and set a code.

The light comes on when the computer detects a problem and sets a code. You need to have the system diagnose by a professional, the airbag system is not a place for do it yourselfers.

i have dodge intrapid 2.7l my 02 sensor light come on p0051

how to turn off engine light on 2002 Chrysler int

It is very easy to change the license plate bulb in a 2001 Dodge Intrepid. You will need to remove the tag and then unscrew the light cover. After the cover is off, unscrew the light and replace with a new one.

It means that there is a problem with the emissions system. Have the computer scanned with an OBD2 scab tool to retrieve the code that has been set.

You may need to replace the power control module.

It stops charging the battery and the charging system light comes on. Drive to the nearest auto parts store and they will check the system for free.

It might be a dodge intrepid. The 1967 Dodge Charger had one long tail/brake light .

in the trunk there are 3 plastic wing nuts take them off and the light will come out.

Charging system failure:::,check alt.voltage regulator is inside engine controller

unplug the connector and put a test light with each end of the light connected to each of the 2 wires on the connector---if the light comes on when the horn is honked---you need a new horn or set of horns

I had the same problem in my 2000 Intrepid. I took it to the dealership and they said it was the oil sensor. I had just got the car so they replaced it, so I don't know hot to fix it, but tha tshould be the problem

No. It has a unlit reference. The illuminated selector in on the center dash.

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