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It is a 4 speed automatic.

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Why is your overdrive light flashing on my 02 expedition?

because it doesnt like you guys

Why doesnt 1998 Ford Taurus shift into overdrive?

The transmition is bad it happened to me its the overdrive selinoid also valve body problem possible, solenoid is on valvebody.

The man who invented it doesnt want it the man who bought it doesnt need it the man who needs it doesnt know it?

A coffin.

If the person who made it doesnt want it and the person that bought ot doesnt need it and the person who needs it doesnt know what is it?


The man who made it doesnt want it the person who bought it dont need it the person who needs it doesnt know it?

a coffin

Your overdrive light is flashing on and off on your 97 Kia Sephia?

its your transmission. try flushing it and using lucas...if that doesnt work you need a new transmission... :(

What is the purpose of overdrive on the 2000 Tibyand can it hurt your car when off?

Overdrive keeps your engine RPMs low when you drive faster than 45 mph Its there for fuel economy If you drive without OD it doesnt hurt anything at all except your gas mileage

Automatic 1992 gallant when in drive mode it goes up to 60kph and then kicks itself into neutrel however when the overdrive is off this problem doesnt occur any helpful advice?

sounds like overdrive clucth pack is burned up. you can just replace the trans to fix it or a cheaper way to go is to replace just the overdrive clutch pack

The man who inveted it doesnt want it The man who bought it doesn't need it the man who needs it doesn't know it What is it?

A coffin

Who bought Justin Bieber's booger?

Really? a booger. people are that obsessed. Who cares who bought Justin biebers booger. it doesnt matter. but i will pay 1 million for his corpse or withdrawl of showbiz forever.

Can you trade in a modern warfare 2 that doesn't work for a new one?

Depends if you bought it and it doesnt work if so you can trade it

How do i find out what serial number is on my gun that was stolen?

Depends on where you bought the gun. If from a store they should have the info. It might even be on your receipt. If you bought at pawn shop they usually include that info on the receipt. If you bought from individual and your state doesnt require registration you're out of luck.

What is the problem in a 91 celica if the park lamps dash lamps ain't comin on or even the acc or on doesnt work when the key is turned?

the answer is if that happens u can check the 100amp (blue) alternator fuse next to the battery...

I bought an Iolite Vaporizer When i turn it on it makes the hissing noise but when i press the piezo or igniter button there is no light and it doesnt heat up What do I do?

Take the item back to the shop were you bought it and ask how to use it properly

Why doesnt your 1990 Escort go into overdrive?

torque converter clutch is not engaging. new tranny is probably in order. could be an electrical issue as well. you should probably take it to a shop and have them diagnose it for you!

Is the vauxhall corsa breeze 1.2i 1997 meant to have central locking?

I dont think so, bought one yesterday and it doesnt!

When i bought the pagani zonda f for nfs carbon it doesnt show up in my car selection or anything how do you use it?

get a new game!

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Refresh the page, or submit a problem report to meez. or wait...

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yes you can but it doesnt do anything. by the way if you know what the ticket does plz tell me quick

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