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If you are looking for dieting and you should stopping eating sugar, especially like chocolates. Because sugar is latest issue of fatness.

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You are insulin resistant you do not however have diabetes If you lose the weight will your insulin resistance go too along with it your chance of developing diabetes

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Q: How many grams of fat should you eat if you are looking to lose weight?
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How many grams of fat should you have in my daily diet to lose weight?

only 1000 grams

How many grams of sugar should you have a day to lose weight?

None. You do not need added sugar.

How many carbs should a 200 lb woman eat and lose weight?

40 grams

How grams of carbohydrates a day to lose weight?

40 grams of carbs a day can be useful to reduce weight.

How many grams of fats are recommended per day?

Answer The amount should be about 0.4 to 0.6 grams per pound of body weight. This amount changes depending on your goals and diet, but it is generally at around 0.45 grams per pound of body weight. People who are trying to lose weight should try and maintain 0.4 grams, and people who are trying to gain weight should go with either 0.6 grams or 0.5 grams.

How many grams of sugar a day should you consume to lose weight?

You don't need to consume any.

How many daily carbs should 150 lb woman eat to lose weight?

At least 20 grams of carbohydrates are recommended for anyone trying to lose weight. A woman who is 150 pounds should stick to 20-30 grams per day plus exercise and healthy diet.

If you weigh 220 lbs how many carbs should you eat to lose weight on a diabetic diet?

You should keep your carb intake below 23 grams of carbs a day to lose weight. This is a very low amount of carbohydrates.

Should Kenny lose some weight?

Kenny should definitely lose some weight...

How many carbs should you eat to lose the last five pounds?

30 to 60 grams per day. But total calories are more important to lose the weight.

If you weigh 140 lbs and are 5'5 how many carbs should you eat per day in order to lose weight?

You should keep your carbohydrates less than 23 grams a day. This is a very small amount of carbohydrates but will help you lose weight.

How much weight do you have to lose if you are 199lbs when you should be 135?

199 - 135 = 64 lbs is the weight you should lose !!

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