How many gun stores in the US?

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1. The total of (01) F.F.L.s is 29,167 (01) F.F.L.s Dealers too!
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How many gun owners are there in the US?

Answer . According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, there were about 215 million privately owned guns in 1999. The NRA estimates that half of all American households (total US population is 294 million) have at least one gun owner. Numbers vary, but estimates are 70-8 ( Full Answer )

How many guns in the US?

At the last NGC ( National Gun Census) in April 2007, it was recorded that, on average, there is about 178,000,000 lisenced firearms in the USA, although it is believed there is a further 50% that are unlisenced.. No license is required to own a gun in most states, so it would be interesting to kno ( Full Answer )

How many Starbucks stores are in the US?

As of February, 2008 Starbucks has 7,087 Company-operated stores and 4,081 Licensed stores in the US.In my area, more than one per street corner. In fact, there is one next door to my grocery store and one in the grocery store.

How many grocery stores in the us?

There are thousands of Grocery stores in the United States ofAmerica. Many grocery stores in the United States of America arelocated in cities.

In the US how many Walmart store are there?

There are 4,394 Walmarts in the USA (as of November, 2010), including Walmart stores, Walmart Supercenters, Walmart Neighborhood Markets, and Sam's Clubs.

How many murders in US by guns?

hundreds every day!!!. Sigh. More BS hype. According to the FBI, in 2005, there were about 16,700 murders in the U.S. This includes murders by all types of weapons. 16,692 divided by 365 days is only a little over 45 each day, and that includes all types of weapons. In 2006, the number of murders i ( Full Answer )

How many stores does Lowes have in US?

1722 - to be more exact ( based on website) USA Only Does not include Canada 1st Texas with 141 2nd Florida with 118 3rd N. Carolina with 114 Alabama-39 Alaska-6 Arizona-32 Arkansas-20 California-109 Colorado-28 Connecticut-16 Delaware-10 Florida-118 Georgia-64 Hawaii-3 Idaho-8 India ( Full Answer )

How many guns are regestered in the US?

This question continues to come up, with great regularity. In most U.S. states, there is no registration, regardless of what anybody tells you. "Register you gun" is something people say because they have heard it on TV. There are 3 or 4 states that require registration, but the other 46 or 47 state ( Full Answer )

How many people use guns?

Between half and three fourths of people in the US. It is different in other countries.

How many registered guns are in the US?

Unless stolen before making it to a retailer, they all are when bought. --- Firearms are not registered when sold by retailers (FFL dealers) unless they are required to be registered in a particular state. And the registration is usually done by the local police department in those states. F ( Full Answer )

How many people in the US own a gun?

Approximately 80 million people in 52 million households own 260 million firearms. Unfortunately, only about 4 million are actively supporting the right to bear arms as members of the NRA. If you are one of the other 76 million, please join us.

How many gun dealers are there in US?

1. There are currently 140,000 registered firearms sellers in theUnited States (source: Arming America, Origins of a National GunCulture) The statistic information above should be explained further.According ATF publication "Firearms Commerce in the United States:Annual Statistical Update 2014", the ( Full Answer )

Why did many soldiers use a hand gun?

Handguns were used in the first world war extensively because they were easier to wield in trench warfare. Since then they have been primarily issued to troops who for confined space reasons would have trouble carrying a rifle. For example Armored crewmen, transport drivers, clerical personnel. Su ( Full Answer )

How many registered guns are handguns in the US?

That is a very difficult question to answer for a couple of reason. Only a few states require handgun registration, and there is no federal gun registration. In the few states that do require handgun registration, the information is not generally available to the public.

How many illegal guns are in the US?

None. When made, 99.9% are legal, no matter where made. Just because it's against the law for YOU to own it doesn't make the weapon illegal. Technically the above is correct however as guns are not required to be registered in all states it is impossible to say how many are owned legally. Guns th ( Full Answer )

How many Publix stores are there in the US?

1117 . I have worked for Publix for 19 years this is the most recent count this does include a store yet to be opened in the Florida panhandle....

How many gift stores in US?

According to a March 2012 report, there are 69, 230 Gift Shops in USA. The Gift Shops and Card Stores industry exhibits low level of market share concentration. In 2012, the four largest players in the industry are estimated to account for less than 12.0% of revenue, with the largest player (i.e. Am ( Full Answer )

How many gun stores are in the US?

1n 1994 @ 246K people had FFL's. Thanks to former President, Bill Clinton and the Congress of that era there are now less than 50k people with FFL's. Not all of those ran a "store".

How many ulicensed gun in us?

In MOST of the US, there is no requirement to license or register guns. If they are not registered, there is no way to know how many there are. in 2004, it was estimated that private citizens in the US owned 192 million firearms- the number is higher now.

Do you store your co2 tank on your gun when not in use?

This is an interesting question. Here are a few things you should know about C02 in airguns. When you charge a airgun with C02 it puts pressure throughout the system. This is fine while you are shooting the gun. But you should never leave the gun for a long period with C02 just sitting in the gun. T ( Full Answer )

How many US homes have guns?

Many homes have guns, though mostly in rural areas. There are also a number of people who posess guns illegaly as well as those who have a legal contract to own one. Added: (in the US) Gun ownership is a Constitutionally protected right, and since no law requires gun owners to register their fir ( Full Answer )

How many women gun owners are there in US?

No way to answer, since we do not know exactly how many gun owners (male and femal) there are. FWIW, both of my daughters, one granddaughter, and my stepmother own guns.

How many Lego stores are in the US?

Forty-seven retail outlets, as of September 2010. There are also about a dozen gift shops and one very large store in Legoland California.

How many types of guns were used in ww1?

Some as falows: Rifles M1903 Springfield M1892-99 Springfield M1917 Enfield Lee-Enfield (AEF soldiers in Commonwealth units) M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle Winchester Model Lee 1895 (Used by the Navy) Winchester Model 1895 ( Full Answer )

How many individuals in the US own a gun?

No exact number, as there are no exact records, but a best estimate is sightly more than one third of all households have at least one firearm.

How many US homeowners own guns?

No exact number, as there are no exact records, but a best estimateis sightly more than one third of all households have at least onefirearm.

How many legally owned guns in US?

No way to answer your question. In the US, there is no requirement under Federal law to register firearms, so no records of how many guns total, It is estimated that at least 25% of US households have at least one firearm.

How many people have walked in a store and got a gun?

Your question is a bit vague. If you mean how many people have gone to a gun store and bought a gun, the answer is in the millions. Federal law does not require a waiting period, nor do most states. It is estimated that private persons in the US own ABOUT 310 million firearms.

How many UPS stores are in the US?

There is a UPS store near you. They have almost 4500 store location throughout the unites states strategically placed for your convenience and mailing demands.

How many gun owners are there in us?

We do not know an exact number, since there is no licensing of gun owners on a national basis. It is estimated that roughly 1/3rd of all households in the US own at least 1 firearm. The percentage will very sharply by location. New York City- very rare. Rural Tennessee, very common.

How many private gun owners are there in the us?

There are no exact records, since you do not need a permit to own in gun in most places. It is ESTIMATED that between 1/3 and 1/2 of all households in the US own at least one gun.

How many US homicides by guns annually?

about 11,000 and about 40 are with an AR15 type gun. Drunk drivers kill 8,000, workplace kills 7,000, drub abuse kills 17,000. So what do we focus on?

How many Toys Are Us stores are there?

There are hundreds of Toys Are Us, stylized as Toys R US stores all over the world. Currently, there are more than 140 licensed stores located all over the world.

How many legal guns are there in the us?

No exact record, since there is no requirement to register guns in MOST of the US. One estimate is 312 million owned by ordinary people.There are an estimated 200 million legal guns in the United States.