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According to comScore, in October 2009, Americans logged in over 9.6 billion searches. Divide that by 30 (days in a month) and you get 320 zillion searches a day.

Worldwide, there are over 2000000000000 billion searches on Google a day, CNBC just had a special on it, and that was the number they used.

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Q: How many hits does Google get a day?
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How many hits does Goggle get a day?

Im assuming u mean Google, so Google gets around 117 million searches everyday

How many Hits does Google get a month?

a lot

How many daily hits does Google get?

1.5 Billion

How many hits do Google get every minute?

i don't no as many members

How many times a day do I Google yourself?

None, You don't google me.

How many people go on Google in one day?

Google is a great search engine that many people use. There are probably about 100 million people that use Google a day! In 2006, Google was used 400 million times per day.

How many hits does Amazon get per day?

Amazon has approximately 2.7 million page hits per day. Average visits to the Amazon site are 34-minutes in length. Google is the most visited website, followed closely by Facebook.

How many people use the search engine 'Google' everyday day?

Google logs 2 billion searches a day. So probably 300 million people use Google a day.

How many hits does arabianspar get a day?

Approx 25000 hits arabian spar get in a day

How many hits does RuneScape get a day?

More Than 90,000 Hits Per Day.

How many hits has Google gotten since they started?

ummm a lot (:

How many questions is asked on google a day?


What is the most popular domain online?

The most popular domain has to be Google. You know it's popular when people go around saying "google this" or "google that". It gets millions of hits every day.

How many people Google Google a day?

more then half the people in the world/loonaticks lol

How many google downloads are there per day?

Do you mean Google searches? If you mean searches, it varies day to day but on average, Google has hundreds of millions of searches daily. I do not know that Google keeps track of downloads other than those for Droid aps.

How many people use Google yearly?

roughly 209,689,598,354,338,689,450,585,456.56875486874749085 hits a year

How many number one hits did Whitney Houston have?

Google it, silly...

How many times is Google visited a day?

It is visited about 300 billion times a day.

How many searches on Google Per Day?

2.7 billion

How many per day income of Google?

1000 won

How many times do people use google a day?


How many people in Utah use Google a day?

the answer is 4,562.3

How do you breed a leopard gecko?

There should be many hits on Google for leopard gecko breeding.

About how many visitors does google get in a day?

300 million logs daily.

How many circles where on the 2010 Google pi day logo?