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How many hour of labor on replacing water pump on a 2007 toyota sienna?


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Replacing the water pump for that vehicle is 16.0 labour hours. Engine and transmission need to be removed.


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how do you remove a toyota sienna 2000 windshield water reservoir tank.

Depends on where you go. This is something you can do yourself. it's almost all labor.

Remove engine and transaxle assembly

The water pump is driven by the timing belt.

Yes the timing belt also drives the water pump. To save on labor costs later on, replace the water pump.

how much does it cost to replace the timing belt in a 1998 Toyota sienna.

90,000 miles. You should probably chenge the water pump while your at it.

Replacing the 1997 Mazda water pump will cost approximately $300. The water pump will cost about $75 and will require four hours of labor.

Timing belt and water pump $500.00 - 600.00.

It's recommended to do when you are replacing the timing belt.

Check the opposite side of the coolant water, i.e driver side of the front hood.

I have a 94 Toyota 4wd turck....I replace the radiator. it was plugged up. Water wont circulation. Fixed my problem

Labor costs vary by region for replacing the water pump on a 1992 Ford Explorer 4.0. On this vehicle labor could run about 3 hours because there is a lot of other engine parts in the way that have to be removed to get to the water pump. Labor costs average about $75 to $100 an hour.

I would replace the water pump, 2 idlers, tensioner and 3 seals (2 on cam and 1 on crank shaft).

It has a belt. The recommendation is to inspect the belt at 60,000 mile intervals, but the inspection process is roughly the same labor as a replacement. Most people just replace at 60,000 mile intervals. Also consider replacing the water pump while you're in there.

Floor at passenger side? Could be heater core needs replacing Other possibilities: door seal windshield seal

There is no special procedure for replacing the water pump. You will have to remove the belts, fan at a minimum. To make the job easier it is recommended that you remove the radiator. It is also wise to service all consumable parts at that time with genuine Toyota parts: Hoses, coolant, thermostat & belts.

how to fit a water pump to a toyota pinic

You do not need to, but it's highly recommended. If water pump fails after you change the belt, you will have to do the same work as before to replace the pump.

Replacing the water pump and replacing the timing belt are both part of the 60K maintenance.

The average cost of replacing a water pump on the vehicle will be around 250 dollars for self installation; the cost of the parts. However, to have a mechanic do the installment with parts and possibly labor the cost will be close to 500 dollars.

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