Dieting and Weight Loss

How many hours in between should a person wait to eat daily?



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Many weight loss doctors will tell you to never let yourself get hungry. Eat up to 6 times a day, but very small portions and very low fat/low carbohydrate. Those are the two main sources of weight gaining calories.

Eh...let's rethink that

a very low fat and carbohydrate diet is stupid. It's all about just eating moderately and eating more on the healthy side. Staying away from both carbs and fats will hurt your body and make you feel tired and just bad. You need carbs, you need some fats, and you need protein. Just eat healthy versions of them all and you'll be fine. oh yeah, and exercise.

to answer your question, studies have shown that eating several meals a day (6-7 small meals) compared to three-four (moderately sized meals) has little affect on weight loss in general. Just keep it simple and eat the appropriate amount every day. Personally, i like to just eat when I'm hungry and stop and the right time. Sometimes I'll stop when I've had just enough to get by, and I always stop when I feel full. Think about it. If you're not sure how much to eat, it a medium amount and if you need more later you're body will tell you.