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Approximately 36 million (legal and illegal).

Compare that with the entire population of the US which is approximately 300,960,000 and it's difficult to imagine how it is possible that illegal immigrants are taking over the country as some people claim.

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Q: How many immigrants are in the US?
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How many US immigrants were there in 1860-1910?

there was 69 immigrants

How many immigrants came from Italy?

Out of five million immigrants arrived in the US

Many new immigrants came to the US to?

=== ===

How many immigrants came to the US between 1815 and 1860?

5 million European immigrants

How many illegal immigrants are there in the US from Mexico?


How many immigrants arrived in the US the year1830?

there were about 2,598,214

Who are some famous black immigrants in the US?

There are many famous black immigrants in the United States such as Martin L. King. You can find more famous black immigrants in the US online.

How many Mexican immigrants are in the US?

Over 30 percent of the us are Mexicans

How many immigrants arrived in the US from 1882 to 1964?


How many immigrants have entered the US since 1820?


How many illegal immigrants were there in the US 2010?

About 36 million

How many illegal immigrants are in the US military?

about one quarter

What attracted many immigrants to the US?

Men... attractive men...

How many immigrants are currently living in the US?

Around 500,000.

How many immigrants are sworn to us citizens a day?


What do immigrants have to do to get to the US?

Legal immigrants have to apply to the US government for permission to immigrate. Illegal immigrants sneak in.

How many immigrants died coming to the US in the late 1800s?

Due to the booming industry of technology, which was the main source of immigrants deaths, thooousands of immigrants died.

What years did immigrants come to the us?

Immigrants come to the US every year. There has never been a single year of US history in which there were no immigrants.

How many people are in US?

There are about 350 million us citizens plus a few millions (have no idea how many)of immigrants.

Why the US doesn't want immigrants?

I do not believe the US is opposed to accepting immigrants. It is opposed to immigrants who enter illegally.

How were European immigrants treated in the US?

In the nineteenth century, in the US, many immigrants were treated badly. This was especially true for Irish immigrants. One large reason that they were mistreated was the fact that most of them were Catholics. The Protestant majority in the US despised and feared Catholics. Later on, Chinese immigrants were also treated badly.

How many immigrants live in the US today?

well there are about 150 millon people in the U.S today and 39% of immigrants you do the math

Is US a direct democracy country?

yes because it has many immigrants

How many illegals are there in US?

There are almost 3 million illegal immigrants!!!

How many Chinese Immigrants came to the US?

Since when? This is an unanswerable question