How many inches does a Lima bean grow a week after it has sprouted?

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at least 1 or 2 inches
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Do lima beans grow fast or slow?

ANSWER: . As a food producing plant, it grows rather quickly. From germination of the seed to being able to pick in as few as 45 days or less. You can get 3 crops of limas in the south, and up to 2 in the north. (US)

How do you grow lima beans?

First you take your beans. Stick em in the ground. And put some water on em everyday.

How do lima beans grow?

boil it then plant it and then you have to freeze it in the freezer after boiling it and keep it in there for 2 hours then plant it

How do you grow a lima bean?

A lima bean is a green podded bean like a pea. Planting a dried lima bean in moist soil will create a bush or low climbing plant that will yield thin seed pods. If the pods are picked when mature, and opened (shelled), the nascent beans will be found inside. These can be dried to produce the familia ( Full Answer )

How many days does it take for lima beans to grow 5 inches?

The amount of time it takes for a lima bean to grow depends onseveral factors; depth of seeds in the soil, temperature of thesoil and the condition of the soil. Seeds start to germinate atabout 5 days and can be 5 inches tall in just a little over amonth.

How can you make a lima bean grow faster?

You can make a lima bean grow faster by fertilizing it. UsingMiracle Gro or another liquid fertilizer will help it grow morerapidly.

Can lima beans grow in water?

No, Lima beans can't grow in water. They start off in a damp place but after a while of staying there they will mold.

Do Lima Beans grow in Sand?

no it does not because it would be to rocky. no but they sure growon DOGCRAP

Does coffee grow lima beans?

Coffee does not grow lima beans. However, used coffee grounds canhelp lima beans grow properly. When combined with fertilizer andother soil additives, coffee grounds can help create awell-drained, organic loam soil that helps lima beans thrive.

How can you grow a lima bean?

If you take a paper towel and put it into a plastic bag, lightly wet the paper towel that's in the plastic bag. Then remove all the air in the bag after you place the lima bean on the wet paper towel. Then in a couple days it will sprout and then put the sprout into soil another Lima Bean should be ( Full Answer )

What are bean sprouts?

Bean sprouts are baby bean plants. Bean sprouts have been used for centuries for their nutritional and medical benefits. Chinese physicians prescribed sprouts over 5,000 years ago. Bean sprouts have continued to be a staple in Asian cuisine. Although accounts of sprouting appear in the Bible in the ( Full Answer )

Will a bean sprout grow in the dark?

No. because every living creatures or being needs light to survive.. Not to sure about the bean sprout - but there are many forms of life that grow in complete darkness.

Does a lima bean plant grow faster in soil or dirt?

in soil, i did a experiment on it and some of the multiple beans died in the soil and the others didn't grow as tall or as healthy as the ones in potting soil. i am now planting the potting soil ones in my garden as the others in the dirt are staying on the window.

How does a lima bean grow?

Lima beans need to be planted in moist and warm soil in a spot with lots of sunlight. The lima bean seed germinates and then it develops nodes, stems, leaves, the more nodes will grow. Hope this helps!

Will lima beans grow in the dark?

at first they will with the energy stored in the seed but they will die soon after if they dont get any sun

How many inches can grass grow a week?

Turf will grow about an inch and a half to two inches per week.. Turf and lawns will put on more growth in the spring. The more you fertilize a lawn (nitrogen) the more it will grow and the more frequently you will need to mow. The healthiest lawns are maintained at 2.5 to 3 inches tall. You should ( Full Answer )

How do you sprout dried lima beans?

Soak them over night, and then put them in a jar with a ventilated lid so air can get in and get out. Rinse them daily, and drain out excess water. When they sprout they are done!

How do you grow lima beans indoors?

You can get 8 to 10 inch pots, put gravel in the bottom and fillwith potting soil. Soak your lima bean seeds overnight and plant 11/2 inch deep. Once they sprout, put a stake in the pot for thebean plant to climb on. Stagger your plantings so you always havelima beans.

How do you grow bean sprouts?

You can sprout any beans or alfalfa seeds, radish seeds etc. Use a clear see through container (with a lid) such as a glass jar or there are special sprouting containers you can purchase from health stores, place about two teaspoons in the jar fill with water and soak beans for 12 hours, pour off ( Full Answer )

How do you grow Lima bean plant?

plan lima bean in a pot with meracle grow about 3/4 way down then when the process is done put a dash of water to the plant.

Can you sprout lima beans in a bag?

Because of their large size, lima beans are great for watching as they sprout. Give each student a plastic baggie, preferably with a ziploc-type top. Each student places a couple of dry lima beans in her bag. She then adds a little water and closes the bag.. Write each child's name on his bag with ( Full Answer )

How do you grow lima beans in a pot?

well you should first start your plant in a bag then you should transfer it into a pot after the roots have grown out of the seed inside of the bag then you can water it every day about 1\4 to1\2 cups of water a day _ kippster 6th grade yale

Do frozen lima beans grow?

no i wouldn't think so unless you thawed it and warmed it up in the sun but then it could begin to decompose so yeah proberely not. also because the lima bean would not be doing any of the life functions (MRS C GREN) also because the lima beans cells would be packed so tightly together they would h ( Full Answer )

Is a bean sprout a bean?

Yes, a bean sprout is a young bean plant. Bean sprouts have been used for centuries for their nutritional and medical benefits. Chinese physicians prescribed sprouts over 5,000 years ago. Bean sprouts have continued to be a staple in Asian cuisine. Although accounts of sprouting appear in the Bibl ( Full Answer )

Can lima beans grow without soil?

Yes lima beans can grow without soil but it's not the soil that makes the difference it is what is in the soil................................ the nutrients.

Does Sugar help Lima beans grow?

Yes sugar helps lima beans grow it took my plant 2 to 3 days to grow the lima bean uses the sugar as energy

Can a Lima bean sprout in rocks?

Yes. My son just proved this as part of his science experiment. Seeds were over-watered in rocks, top soil, mulch and sand. Beans grew in 2 of the 3 cups of rocks and 2 of the 3 cups of sand. They grew in only 1 of the 3 top soil cups and none of the mulch cups. This is because the beans were plante ( Full Answer )

Can you grow black beans in two weeks?

I don't know any plant that grows in two weeks, unless you're talking about alfalfa or other sprouted vegetables. Most plants have barely emerged from seeds at two weeks. To produce beans, they first have to grow roots, leaves, stems, and flowers, and that happens over the course of months, not days ( Full Answer )

Can a lima bean grow when watered with soda?

Soda and diet soda will create an acidic medium which will tend to inhibit bean growth. Controlling for pH, the phosphates in dilute additions of soda to the water may increase growth once you get the first couple leaves up and out. It will all be quite close.

Is bean sprout bean?

No, it is the plant that grows the bean. It is a plant, no a seed.

How many inches per week for a cherry tomato to grow?

This will depend on many things. Soil, temperature, humidity etc. The plant will grow at different rates at different times in it's life, for instance just after it is planted out it will sit still until the roots have established in the new situation then watch it grow. The best attribute a grower ( Full Answer )

Which state grows the most lima beans?

Phaseolus lunatus is a legume commonly known as the butter or lima bean. In the U.S., the largest production of lima beans is along the California coast, but they are also commercially grown in Wisconsin, Washington, Oregon, New Jersey and New York.

Can you sprout Lima beans?

It is very easy to sprout lima beans, but if you are doing so to eat them then you must know that raw beans, and especially raw kidney beans and lima beans, are toxic to humans. Cook them and they are fine, but raw you don't want to do. Lima beans contain a chemical called linamarin which is a cya ( Full Answer )