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How many jews does it take to kill hitler?

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Hitler is already dead.

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What is the purpose of Hitler?

To take over Europe and kill millions of Jews

Did Hitler only take or kill the Jews?

No, he killed Gypsies, homosexuals and many other types of what was termed " undesirables. "

SWhy did hitler kill jews?

Hitler and the Nazi party killed the Jews because they were threatened by them. They believed that the Jews were going to take over the world and crush the German Empire.

Where did hitler take the jews?

Concentration camps around the country to force them into work or kill them.

How many Jews did Hitler take from Denmark?

The Nazis were only able to kill 52 out of 8000 Denmark Jews. This was because the Denmark government sent them to Neutral Sweden.

What did Hitler declared at the Munich Conference?

that he was going to take over the world, and kill off, or exterminate all jews.

Why did Hitler and the Nazi Party take over Germany?

They wanted to kill all the Jews in the whole world and they started in Germany because that was where they lived.They wanted to kill all the Jews in the whole world and they started in Germany because that was where they lived.the nazis wanted ALL the power,NOT just to kill jews,THAT was only one of many ways to gain power

How many people did Hitler take from Denmark?

If you mean Jews then he onlt took 52.

Why did people let Hitler take his plan to exterminate the Jews so far?

Fear ---------------------- the question is: was the plan pushed on by the people or by Hitler? there were many requests from below to either move Jews from their towns/cities or to exteminate Jews (for various reasons), but there was never an order from Hitler to exterminate the Jews.

Why did Hitler choose to segregate the Jews?

because Hitler though that the Jews were an inferior race , that they were trying to take over Germany, that the Jews killed Jesus, that the Jews were an undesirable race and because when Hitler mother was working for a Jew family they mistreated her

Why did Hitler take the Jews to Poland?

Poland already had the largest concentration of Jews in the world.

Why did Hitler take out his anger out on Jews?

Jews have been used as scapegoats for centuries because they didn't have a country or a whole area which is for Jews. Hitler blamed the Jews for everything which is bad for Germany. This is called Antisemitism

Who's life did Hitler take?

he took the lives of Jews.

For what reason did Hitler capture and take Jews to concentration camps?

Hitler believed Jews were inferior and threatened Germany's great existence. He believed that Germany lost WWI because of the Jews and blamed them for Germanys economic trouble. Hitler's aim was to place all Jews into concentrated ares such as camps to segregate them from the German public and eventually kill them all.

What were Adolf Hitler's five steps to take out the Jews?

There were four steps that Hitler used to take out the Jews, and many other groups of people. The steps were identify, isolate, remove, and exterminate.

What were Adolf Hitler's aggressive actions?

Hitler tried to take over the world and slaughtered many innocent Jews.

Did Hitler had a relationship with a Jew women who ditched him later and did he do all this so he can take his revenge and kill all the Jews?

no . also, it wasnt just Jews he hated. it was homsexuals, people with mental illness, people with dissabilities.

Why was world war 2 being fought?

The Axis wanted to take over the world, and the Allies wanted to stop them. Basically, Hitler wanted to kill all the jews.

Did Hitler take place Haukkah?

heck no! he killed jews, not partied with them!

How did Hitler take control of the Jews?

So that way he can have a Master Race

Why did Hitler take the Jews to the ghettos?

Hitler did not take Jews to the ghettos, he took them out of the ghettos and put them into concentration camps to be degraded, abused, tortured, and killed. It was a very ugly chapter of human history, none uglier. Hitler had chosen a strategy of ethnic selfishness. He wanted his own group, which he called the Aryan supermen (Ubermensch in German) to own everything and to enslave or kill the members of other ethnic groups. Jews were a convenient group to victimize because Europe already had a thousand year history of anti-Semitism, and Jews were widely hated for the crime of not being Christians. Hitler blamed Jews for all of Germany's problems, and many Germans were only too happy to agree with him.

What year did Hitler decide to kill all of the jews and take control of Germany?

He planned to take over Germany ever since the Beer Hall putsch of 1923, if not earlier. The decision to kill the Jews is outlined in Mein Kampf (published 1925-6) and became official policy at the Wansee conference of January 1942.

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