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I have 1 key for my 98 expedition. Remote will unlock all doors & back door hatch. press once to unlock dr door an twice to open all doors an back hatch door

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Q: How many keys do you need to operate a 1998 ford expedition?
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When did they start putting chips in ford expedition keys?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but I believe that was the ( 1999 model year of the Ford Expedition )

How do you program a new key for a 1998 ford contour?

The keys on the 1998 Ford Contour are NOT chipped

What should you do your vehicle is running and the keys are locked inside a 2000 ford expedition xlt?

Call a lock smith or find your spare keys.

1999 Ford Expedition Changed instrument cluster and truck wont start?

keys have to be reprogram to the cluster

Will a keyless electric entry system work on an 1998 Ford F150. The keys seem to be worn out?

you can purchase new keys thru ford if you supply your VIN ,

What happens if lost your keys to 98 ford expedition?

As long as your are the registered owner of the car ( you will have to show proof of that) you can get a key made at the dealership..

How do you get keys from Ford Expedition xlt?

It took me two minutes...slide a flat bar with a hook or similar between the glass and window behind the drivers seat, hook the latch and pull the window will open and you can retrieve your keys :-)

How do you unlock a 2005 ford expedition keyless door pad when keys locked inside?

there is an emergency door unlock switch under the car to the left of the gas tank

How do you program a key for a 2011 Ford F250?

You could use skp100 to program the key by yourself even if all keys are lost. Easy to operate in 5 seconds!

When was The Bo-Keys created?

The Bo-Keys was created in 1998.

How do you reprogram Ford Focus 06 keys?

ford has to do that

Were the 1989 Ford F-150 keys rounded or squarE?

the keys to an 89 are square most igition keys are square, the door keys or truck keys are round