How many known viruses are there for Mac?

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In Mac OS
Although there have been known self replicating virus's to attack the OSX - they are not self propagating and do require user input in some manner (i.e. opening a bad email or clicking a link). The most common form of virus are trojans from some bad websites. Smart browsing and wise installation will keep you protected from trojans, though, because you must choose to install them and then input your password for them to install. There are 26 out of 71,000 known viruses.
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How many types of computer viruses are there?

Many the only ones I know of are just a small handfull of how many there could possibly be (torojan horse, some kind of weird name like Bot ___, and a few others) the closest number is 300

How many Mac viruses are there?

There are a ton of viruses for Mac OSX and every other operating system known to man. To say there aren't viruses or to say that a computer is incapable of flaws is just plain ignorant. Computers are created by humans and are inherently flawed. Until we become perfect we will not be able to make a c ( Full Answer )

Do Macs get viruses?

Prior to OS X, there were viruses written for Apple Macintosh computers. Any operating system on which software can be installed at all is potentially vulnerable to infection from a virus, which is itself a form of software. An operating system cannot distinguish good software from bad software; thi ( Full Answer )

Are there any viruses in Mac?

YES! Less than for PC because mac is still only 5% of computer market, but they do exist and can do just as much harm as windows variants ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ who ( Full Answer )

How many viruses are online?

Its a pretty much impossible question to answer as new viruses are created all the time and sometimes old viruses resurface or a modified by a new malicious coder. What you should be aware of is that there are always viruses that are "in the wild" and that is why protection has to be constantly upda ( Full Answer )

How many viruses in the world?

Billions.... and billions...... and billions.... and billions.... You can make a virus that will start deleting your windows/programs with notepad... Hope this helped :)

How many viruses are there in the world?

I guess probably no one can answer this question .. There exists plenty of types of viruses and trust me a lot of viruses exist :)

How many Macs are there?

Currently there are six kinds of Macs. . MacBook . MacBook Pro . MacBook Air . iMac . Mac Mini . Mac Pro According to the average of many studies with results ranging from 12% to 5%, 6.82% of computers connected to the internet are Mac's. Estimates of internet connected computers ranging bet ( Full Answer )

Are there many viruses on The Pirate Bay?

(answer) Yes. The Pirate Bay itself and the torrents contain "many" viruses (although the torrents are unrelated and somewhat more trusted than the Pirate Bay). Without some basic computer skills, most people will end up ruining their computer simply by searching for a torrent as you will be redri ( Full Answer )

How do you check for viruses on a mac?

viruses are gay and they should all die :| i hate them because they remind me of the teletubbies, and i hate the teletubbies.

How many Macintosh computer viruses are there?

There are no active viruses attacking Mac OS X. If you are running Windows on the Mac then it can become infected with the many viruses that attack Windows.

Are there viruses for Mac OS X?

Yes. Macintosh and other UNIX based systems are still at risk of getting viruses and trojans, however they are extremely rare.

What is one of the primary reasons that Macs aren't as susceptible to viruses?

One reason that Macs aren't as vulnerable to viruses is because some of their anti-virus and security features are run on the Unix Kernel-one of the best and oldest out there.. Another reason is that many more users are familiar with Windows rather than Macs. I, myself, am one of those people-well, ( Full Answer )

Do mac computers get viruses as easy as PC?

There are no active viruses infecting Mac OS X. What are commonly called computer viruses are in reality viruses that infect the Windows operating system. Mac users, like any other computer user, can be tricked into downloading and installing malware on their Mac but such problems are limited to tha ( Full Answer )

Why arent MacS able to get viruses?

Because very few viruses can be written in a way to infect both macs and pcs, and since there are many more pcs out there, that's usually what they write for. Answer Macs are just as able to get viruses as any other computer. Macs, however, have an operating system that is different than the Win ( Full Answer )

What are the most well known computer viruses?

Well Known Viruses are Worms, Trojan Horses and Logic Bombs.... These wires have the capacity to spread over the n/w and crash or damages the others system.... some other viruses are there but they will effect with in the system only....

Do Mac computers get hacked and get viruses?

In the past, Macs have been hacked, and there is malware out there (such as viruses and worms) for Mac computers. While it is rare to see them, you should be careful nonetheless. Don't open suspicious files and links sent through email and, if you're concerned you may have any viruses on your comput ( Full Answer )

How many viruses are there on your computer?

Its only depend what virus that infect your computer and also there is different kind and types of viruses out there that have different use for intrusion to our systems. think it help. joven albarida

What are some well known computer viruses?

Following are some well know computer viruses i find. *Birthday Virus - Keeps advancing your clock by another year. *Mario Cuomo Virus - a very powerful virus, if it would ever run. *Politically Correct Virus - prefers to call itself an "electronic microorganism". *Oprah Winfrey Virus ( Full Answer )

Why do Apple's Mac OS X computers not get affected by viruses?

Although often referred to as computer viruses most viruses are Windows viruses that exploit the many weak points in the Windows operating system. The virus can be installed without the knowledge of the user (equally Microsoft can install updates to the operating system without a users knowledge or ( Full Answer )

Why do Mac pc's not get viruses?

Mac is virus free because firstly, they got a small market share. Virus writers would rather focus on Windows to control large number of computers because that's what the majority is using. Next, Mac OS X, with its Unix-based file system and kernel, is harder to infect with a self-replicating progra ( Full Answer )

Why are computer viruses known as bugs?

Computer viruses are NOT bugs! A bug is an unintended error in the code as written by a programmer. A virus is a piece of code intended by its programmer to do something, usually bad, to a computer and spread to other computers. . The term 'bug' was first used by Grace Hopper on Septembe ( Full Answer )

Does toontown give mac OS X viruses?

There are no viruses that affect Mac OS X. There is always a possibility that a user may be tricked into downloading and installing (with their administrators password) some form of malware. There is no record of this ever happening when using Disney's ToonTown.

How many Viruses are there on Facebook?

who knows? there might be alot or a little to tell you my mum got a virus virus windows won't stop showing up we haad to reset all the data my dad got a protection for it besides maybe they will try to break your protection the people who created the virus are pretty smart though also you can ( Full Answer )

Does Mac computers or laptops get viruses?

Yes, there are viruses and other malware that can affect Macintoshcomputers. However, they are not widespread because the percentageof Web-connected computers running Mac OS is quite low and thustransmission is difficult. Macs have more glitches that could beexploited, but because they are fewer in ( Full Answer )

Does Mac get any viruses?

There are no viruses that affect Mac OS X. If a Mac is running the Windows operating system then it is liable to be infected by the thousands of viruses that exploit the inherent vulnerabilities in Windows.

How many viruses cause encephalitis?

There are more than a dozen viruses that can cause encephalitis, spread by either human-to human contact or by animal bites

How many viruses are know to Microsoft?

probably one of the silliest question ever known to mankind. millions of viruses are created and hunted every week, how can you ask for specific numbers you noodle

Why can Window Computers get viruses but Macs can't?

Apple products can get viruses. Way more people over the world use Windows and are more familiar with it than they are with an Apple product. That makes Windows the main target.

How many viruses does Microsoft computers get?

The number of viruses that Microsoft computers get can not be counted, because once you are on the internet without a protection you are vulnerable to virus infections.

Does mac book get game viruses?

So far there are no known virus's in the open. Not to say there never will but just not right now. There are a few Malware issues tho but there are a few free Malware/Anti-Virus programs you can download to be safe if you want.

How may computer viruses are known at this time?

Many thousands of computer viruses are known but the most common are: Encrypted Viruses - The encrypted virus is probably the most difficult kind of bug to detect and the most difficult to stop. You may accidentally have downloaded one of these bugs and before you know it, your entire computer c ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't Mac have viruses?

Mac does get virus. People lie and say it doesn't. Those are just rumors. Apple products do get virus very often.

What is the known virus to hit a Mac?

There is a known virus or malware to hit Mac called the Flashback Virus. It showed up through an update to the Adobe Flash player. Macs are usually known not to get viruses.

What type of music is Rabbit Mac known for?

Rabbit Mac is known for rap and hip hop music. He was born in 1983 and has been active since 2005. One can watch a number of his videos on media sharing sites like YouTube.

What are some known stomach viruses?

There are many viruses that are linked to the stomach, however there are four well-known viruses. These are Rotavirus, Caliciviruses, Adenovirus, and Astrovirus. The Rotavirus is the leading cause of the stomach flu in children under five, though adults can have the Rotavirus as well. Caliciviruses ( Full Answer )

What does the Mac software known as 'Money' do?

The Mac software, Money is a software features include, budget planning, investment tracking and scheduled transaction. Money was first introduced in the year of 2003.

How common is it for a Mac to get viruses?

It is very uncommon for a MAC to get viruses, since they are their own "network" so to speak. They are not so widespread like windows for example, so they are not as likely to get viruses.

Do mac book air get viruses?

Yes, a MacBook Air might get a virus. It is very rare that a MacBook Air will get a virus but there are some malware programs out there that will infect a MacBook Air.

What is Mac Powell well known for?

Mac Powell is an American born singer from Alabama. He and Mark Lee formed the Christian band Third Day. In 2001 he won Male Vocalist of the Year in the Gospel Music Awards.

What does a mac g3 best known for?

The iMac g3 is best known for being the first model of the company Apple's iMac line of computers. This Apple computer model was first produced in 1998.