How many languages are recognized by the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India?

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The Eighth Schedule to the Indian Constitution contains a list of 22 scheduled languages.

Here is a list of the 22 languages set out in the Eighth Schedule as of May 2008. Note: Even though the English language is not included in the Eighth Schedule (as it is a foreign language), it is one of the official languages of the Union of India.

  1. Assamese
  2. Bengali
  3. Bodo
  4. Dogri
  5. Gujarati
  6. Hindi
  7. Kannada
  8. Kashmiri
  9. Konkani
  10. Maithili
  11. Malayalam
  12. Manipuri (also Meitei or Meithei)
  13. Marathi
  14. Nepali
  15. Odia
  16. Punjabi
  17. Sanskrit
  18. Santali
  19. Sindhi
  20. Tamil
  21. Telugu
  22. Urdu

How many schedules are there in Indian constitution?

12 Schedule . 1st--Names of states and UT . 2nd--Salaries of constitutional authorities . 3rd- forms of oaths . 4th--representation to the state in parliament . 5th--s

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When was santali recognized as a national language being included in 8th schedule of your constitution?

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How many languages are accepted in the constitution of India?

1.Assamese 2.dogri 3.tamil 4.telugu 5.english 6.kannada 7.punjabi 8.malayalam 9.gujarati 10.bengali 11.sanskirit 12.hindhi 13.urudu 14.sindhi 15.nepali 16.oriya 17.santhali 1