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Interesting question; the only real way to answer this is by estimating an average. It is an impossible question to answer with a solid answer.

I will use Canada as an example here.

there are approximately 2 doctors for every 1000 people here in Canada. (60,000) there are approximately 8 nurses for every 1000 people in Canada. (160,000)

If you assume that each doctor and each nurse use say (for the ease of mathematics) 10 gloves a day

220,000 x 10 = 2.2 million per day

2.2 million x 365 = 803,000,000 million per year in Canada.

The U.S.A has aproximately 10 times the population of Canada so you would get about 8 billion gloves per year.

this does not include other professions that may use gloves (paramedics, fire, police, security,)

When all is considered, 10 billion gloves might be a reasonable estimate.

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Q: How many latex exam gloves are used in the US every year?
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Where to get latex gloves?

'Latex gloves' is a rather generic term that is typically used to describe natural rubber latex, single use or disposable gloves typically associated with medical or hygiene applications. Lately latex gloves are becoming popular for many more applications. Strictly speaking, nitrile gloves which are made from a synthetic latex are also 'latex gloves' but these are free of the natural rubber latex proteins that cause allergic reactions in some users. Latex gloves are also available in thicker or heavier gauge latex for industrial applications.See related link

How many gloves does a dentist use in a day?

A dentist uses 950 to 1000 latex gloves a day.

What are the symptoms of being allergic to latex?

The symptoms of being allergic to latex are itching, rash in the area where you are touched with latex, such as any area a doctor touches while wearing latex gloves or any area touched by a latex balloon, and sneezing, itching of the nose, runny eyes, the same as any other allergy. If you are allergic to latex, you should consult a doctor, because there is a possibility of an extreme reaction called anaphylactic shock. Many people who have Spina Bifida are allergic to latex, but there are some people who are allergic to latex who do not have Spina Bifida. If you are allergic to latex you should always tell a doctor if you see a doctor, so he or she won't put on latex gloves, but will use non-latex gloves. You should also let your doctor know if you have a latex allergy before any surgery so non-latex products can be used. Many hospitals use non-latex products anyway, but not all do. Also if you have a latex allergy you should never touch latex (rubber) balloons, nor be in a room with them if it is possible to avoid.

When did dental offices started using latex gloves?

The answer varies throughout individual dental offices but latex gloves began in the early eighties. In 1989 the general rule of thumb was to wear gloves if the dentist expected there to be bleeding during the procedure. Today, frighteningly enough, there are people who still do not follow proper guidelines. But, the dental community has OSHA which regulates and shuts this type of action down. It is required by law to educate every staff member to learn all the proper techniques necessary to ensure health and safety. Patients should watch your health professional, see them wash their hands, and witness them opening sterile instruments. They should wear a mask and a set of fresh gloves, to protect the patient as well as the professional. If the professional must touch an object -- for examples, a pen, or a telephone -- they should remove "used" gloves before touching the object, and replace them with new gloves before continuing the dental procedure. NOTE: Many offices use non-Latex gloves now, since many people have allergies to Latex.

How many baseball gloves are sold every year?

about 350000 baseball gloves are sold each year in the U.S.A

What material is goalkeeping Gloves made from?

The grip on all professionally made gloves is called latex, it is very grippy and is a long lasting material that is easily cleaned. The backhand can be made from many different materials. Parried

How many batting gloves does a baseball player use in a year?

In the MLB, players get new batting gloves every day. 162 * 2 = 324 Roughly 320 batting gloves because players do not play every game.

What are the gloves that forensic investigators made of?

Normally Latex but made also with nitrile rubber or vinyl for people with allergies they are the same gloves used by the medical profession and others also many people use them in the home for cooking and cleaning

What is a good sentence with murderess in it?

The murderess thought she could mask her identity by wearing latex gloves but she left so many other clues that were easily detected.

Applications of nitrile rubber?

Nitrile rubber is also referred to as also Nitrile butadiene rubber, or "NBR". The products are used in several industries because the general properties of NBR are not altered by minor structural/compositional differences.The major uses for Nitrile rubber are in the healthcare industry and the automobile industry because the gloves are resistant to many solvents.The nitrile gloves gloves are resistant to oil, fuel, and other chemicals.In the healthcare industry, Nitrile gloves are used as an alternative to Latex gloves because some people experience allergic reactions to Latex gloves.The gloves can be viewed at the following link:">nitrile

The Varied Uses of Disposable Latex Gloves?

Most people are acquainted with disposable latex gloves as “surgical” gloves – the kind used by doctors and dentists while examining patients, and as the name implies, while performing surgeries. There are, however, many more uses for disposable latex gloves, and they are very common in many industries and professions. Another industry that commonly uses disposable gloves is food service, especially on the production end. In this case, the gloves are used to keep the food clean, as well as to assure customers of this fact. When someone sees a worker don a new set of gloves to prepare the food, they know that their food won’t be contaminated by whatever may be on the worker’s hands. Sometimes, disposable latex gloves are used not to prevent contamination of what’s being handled, but the dirtying or other contamination of the wearer’s hands. Beauticians are some people who commonly use the gloves for this purpose. When dying hair, for example, the beautician doesn’t want to dye her hands along with it. She also doesn’t want to expose her hands to harsh chemicals all day as she treats the hair of one client after another. Disposable latex gloves prevent the unwanted exposure. Needless to say, with the variety of uses they have, there are many types of disposable latex gloves. There are super-thin ones that allow the hands to feel things nearly as well as being barehanded, and thick ones to resist chemicals. Some factories use varieties that are made to provide a better grip than is obtainable without gloves. There are also versions with or without powder inside. Powdering the insides makes them easier to take on and off. Sometimes, however, powder would be a contaminant to whatever is being worked with, and in those cases the non-powdered kind are used. Disposable latex gloves are not only very versatile; they are often inexpensive as well. Typically sold in big packs, each pair usually only costs a few cents. Pick some up and you’ll be amazed at all the uses you can find for them.

How many kilo of latex produces each rubber tree per day?

ha every tree is different

What are the use of rubber?

Nitrile Rubber also known as NBR has many applications and has been used as an adhesive. The rubber is used in disposable non-latex gloves. O rings, gaskets and V belts.

Should you wear latex gloves while working the cash register?

In food service, you wear gloves when handling certain foods, and change them when handling other foods. Since dirt and germs are on money, if you are wearing gloves when working the cash register, you should discard them before handling any kind of food. Many people choose to wear gloves when handling food and not to handle money bare handed, but there is no reason you can't also wear gloves when handling money, as long as you change them when you turn from that to handling food..

What are the uses of nitrile rubber?

Nitrile Rubber also known as NBR has many applications and has been used as an adhesive. The rubber is used in disposable non-latex gloves. O rings, gaskets and V belts.

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