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Actually they are referred to as "horizons" and there are four. Begining at the top level "O" and decending to the bottom level of bedrock "C". Now we have both learned a very interesting fact about our planet.

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Q: How many layers make up the Amazon Basin?
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How many layers make up the amazon forest?

4 There are 4 layers that make up the amazon rainforest

What is the vegetation of the Amazon basin?

There are many, many many types of vegetation in the Amazon basin, from orchids and bromeliads to a native tropical fruit tree called the abiu. Much of the vegetation in this region is unknown and yet to be discovered, so it's really hard to make a list of all the plant life of the Amazon Basin.

How many square feet is the Amazon Forest?

The Amazon Forest covers most of the Amazon Basin of South America. There are 2,700,000 square miles of the Amazon Basin and 2,100,000 square miles of that is the rain forest. Therefore, there are 58,544,640,000,000 square feet in the Amazon Forest.

What are the typical layers of the Amazon rainforest?

There are many layers in the Amazon Rainforest. These layers are the emergent layer, the canopy layer, the understory layer, and the forest floor.

How many rivers flow into the Amazon basin?


How many people live in the amazon basin?


How many acres is the Amazon river basin?

The Amazon river basin covers a total of 1.709 billion acres. The is equal in size to 2.67 million square miles.

Is puru part of the amazon?

Eastern Peru is part of the Amazon basin. Peru's mountains are drained by the Amazon and its many tributaries.

How many times bigger than New Zealand is the Amazon basin?


How many yards is the Amazon River?

Amazon River is the longest river in the world. Its basin is 4,195 miles in length or 7,383,200 long in yards.

How many hectares are there in the Amazon?

The Amazon rain forest covers an area of 550 million hectares. The area drained by the river, the Amazon Basin is 705 million hectares.

What are facts about the Amazon basin?

the amazon basin in south America affords the most typical example of the equatorial or tropical region. the climate is very moist. there is no dry season during the whole year. malaria and yellow fever are very common diseases and forbids people to settle there in large numbers. many people depend on the forests to support themselves. dense tropical forest up to 2 meters high are found in the amazon basin. many animals are found here like elephants, hippopotamus, etc, etc. there is a large variety of plant life and therefore amazon basin is regarded very important ecologically

Where can one buy a sump pump basin?

There are many different varieties of places available where one can purchase a sump pump basin. These places include, but are not limited to, Amazon and Ebay.

Can freshwater stingrays live with paranas?

Yes, the two live together in many sreams in the Amazon basin.

How many times larger is the amazon river compared to new zealand?

The Amazon River basin occupies about 40% of the area of South America, and is roughly 7 000 000 km2. New Zealand has a land area of about 270 000 km2. Very roughly, NZ is about 4% of the area of the Amazon Basin!

How many cell layers make up the onion membrane?

2 layers

How many layers make up a regular volcano?

a volcano has about 6-10 layers

How many layers make up the atmosphere?

The Earth's atmosphere can be divided into five main layers.

Where can one purchase a glass basin online?

One can purchase a glass basin online through the websites Overstock, Wayfair, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, Glass sinks online, Oceana glass designs, and many others.

How big is the population of red bellied piranhas?

Red bellied piranhas are fairly common in the rivers of the Amazon Basin, numbering in the many thousands, if not millions.

How many layers of sound does a piano make?


How many layers of Kevlar does a aeroplane?

it should be needed atleast 10 layers with suitable resin to make a strength

Do crocodiles live in the Amazon River?

Yes, there are crocodiles in the Amazon River. These animals are, however, a smaller type of reptile than what many might be used to. It is the caiman that inhabits the Amazon Basin. These creatures are a subspecies of the alligators, which are members of the family of crocodiles. Use the link below to learn more about this crocodilian.

Can you eat a piranha?

Yes, you can eat piranas. Many indigenous tribes in the Amazon basin rely on pirrana and other fish like it as their main food sources.

How many layers make up a cell membrane?