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How many mermaids are in the world?

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mermaids are real go to YouTube and type in are mermaids real.

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there are about 28 mermaids left in the entire world

not many ppl believe in mermaids but what most ppl don't know is that most of the ocean is unexplored so they don't know for sure what is there i for one strongly belive in a mermaids existence

None. Mermaids are not real and do not exist in the real world so there are no sightings of mermaids.

Mermaids are mythological creatures and are not real.

No. Mermaids are not anywhere. They do not exist.

No there are no mermaids in this world. they are just fantasy characters in movies or books

There are none. Mermaids do not exist.

None ! Mermaids are fictional characters from folklore - they do not exist in the real wworld.

they are more commonly known as myths it has not yet been proven that mermaids are real, and many stories have evolved from this so called human fish.

Greek legends and myths mention mermaids. Ancient Celts had many stories about mermaids.

A Book of Mermaids has 128 pages.

There are no mermaids and there are certainly no fossils of them. They are a superstitious hangover from the past when people knew very little about the natural world.

Mermaids are mythical so they don't actually do anything. In the context of fiction, it would depend on the rules the writer sets up for their imaginary world.

Mermaids do not exist, but they appear in the literature of many different cultures. Columbus reported seeing mermaids in the waters off the new world. It's likely that sailors mistook sea creatures seen at a distance or fleetingly for the females they yearned for.

In real life, no, because mermaids don't exist. Otherwise it depends on what fictional world they are depicted in.

Nope! Mermaids only exist in fiction story books/fairytales, Or movies, Or your imagination.

yes, there is one.... I am! -little mermaid

yes like sea flower mermaids moon mermaids pearl mermaids sun mermaids and even love mermaids

Well mermaids oringinate from the greek but have spread amongst many other cultures and countries.

None. Mermaids are fictional characters, and since they never existed, they could not die.

No. Mermaids are not real so you can't hear them calling. I have been to Sorrento and can see how imagination can take over there. It is a special place, but there are no mermaids in the world.

Mermaids cannot weigh anything, but most say as light as a tiny pebble but they are as stong as the stongest crain in the world

Mermaids live in the sea. Really down deep and they turn invisible so no one can see them!

Mermaids are not real so do not live beyond the TV shows, movies, and books that people make. They do not really exist in the world.

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