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I am trying to find similar answers. In my research, it turns out that the car is not considered used until it is titled, sold, and driven off the lot, regardless of the number of miles. There is, however, a limit on the number of miles that the demo car can be driven by the dealership. There's also a limit set by state law, but it varies by state, and I have yet to find out a listing. Good luck!

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How many miles can a new car in Florida have before it is considered a used car it was suppose to be new and it had 243 miles on it?

When you sign the paperwork, you have purchased a new vehicle, now it is used Though they've racked up some miles, they remain covered under the factory warranty. But if a vehicle has more than 10,000 miles on it, it's no longer considered a demo

What version of Minecraft do you have?

The demo. Try the demo before the game if you never played it before. I wanna know if I would get it or not.

What is the limit on a demo used by a car dealership?

If you mean limit on miles that can put on the demo car there is none.

When does the demo for battlefield 3 come out?

There was beta and was shut down before release so it will be a while before demo comes out. Give it a month or two

Where was smokey and the bandit II made?

the United States of America The "demo derby" scene near the end where the trucks are wrecking the cops cars in the desert was filmed in the dry lake bed, 10 miles southwest of Boulder City, Nevada.

When is the amazing spider man game demo coming out?

the game is already released, the demo would've came before it got released.

When does the force unleashed 2 demo come out?

the demo of star worse the force unleashed 2 will reales a month before the game wich comes out october 26 2010 and the demo will come out September of 2010.

Can you get tf2 as a demo on steam?

No, but there are free weekends every so often. Kinda like a demo, you download it then play it for the weekend before they re-"lock" the game.

Are Joe Jonas and demo lovata is dating or is they had a relationship before?

NO!!!! They are just friends.

When will call of duty modern warfare 3 demo come out?

There will not be a demo. Robert Bowling, a developer from Infinity Ward, stated there would not be a demo for the game. The only time the game would be played before the official release, was at CoD XP.

When will Star Wars force unleashed demo come to the ps3?

It comes out August 21st 2008 i wouldn't suggest the demo but if u want to play it before u get it, do that

Can you download a demo of need for speed hot pursuit on ps3?

Yes, but that was before the 9th of November, 2010. The Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit demo is no longer available.

If you are buying a new car does the dealer have to tell you it was used for demo?

I imagine if the miles are up there, more than 20 km, then I suggest you ask him if it has been a demo. If he doesn't want to tell you that it was a demo leave it there. No, but you could certainly look at the mileage and figure out if it's truly new.

Exactly what is forex demo about?

Forex Demo is a chance to practice trading currencies using Forex software. In this way you can practice buying and selling the currencies before you do so on the market.

What is the purpose of a game demo?

The purpose of a Game Demo is to allow a potential customer to try out and get a feel for the game before purchasing it. Also to allow the player to see if they enjoy the game.

When does the Call of Duty Black Ops demo coming out?

A week before the game comes out where is it

When will the portal 2 demo come out?

2 weeks before the pre-order release

When is the fifa 13 demo out on ps3?

it is normaly 1 month before the game comes out

Where can one find a Call of Duty 2 demo download?

One can find a Call of Duty 2 demo download by going to the CNET website. The website offers Call of Duty 2 demo downloads for gamers to get a sense of the game before it is released.

Can you download starcraft2 demo?

no there is no demo

Did playstation network release a batman arkham city demo?

Nope but there will be a demo hopefully before the game comes out there is only 5 days left until the real game comes

Where can you find Starcraft broodwars demo?

There is no demo for Broodwar There is only the demo which is called Starcraft:Spawn

Where can you download sonic adventure 2 battle demo?

you cant download the demo there is no demo

What is a reasonable discount on a demo?

I wouldn't buy a demo unless it's your last opportunity to get the car you want. If the car has less than 5,000 miles on it, the dealers cost is the same as one with 5 miles on it. You'd be better off to buy a brand new one. Making you think you're getting a deal on a demo is a trick that dealers use. Find out what car dealers don't want you to know at

What was thriller called before thriller?

Starlight Sun, well that's the demo name at least.

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