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I picked up my Metro used and it already had 100,000+ miles on it. I understand that if they are well cared for 300,000+ can be the life span. In response to your question, I drive 30 miles one way to commute to work and also do some in town driving. I have averaged between 40 and 45 MPG. Gave the car a tune up when I first got it and have had to replace the rear brake pads. My "check engine" light has been on for months and I understand the sensor is bad. Does not affect the performance so I'll probably never replace it. However, I now have a bad dimmer switch...look out! This little puppy costs $400 at the parts store. Fortunately, I've located a one at the local junk yard for $25. I love this little car!

I have a 1991 Geo Metro , I have installed a cat back exhaust system,a K&N aircleaner,ram air,a performance camshaft,underdrive aluminum pulleys,MSD ignition coil,8 degree advance cam sprocket,and a resistor for my AIT,I get an honest 53 mpg at over 70 miles per hour........I am installing headers next month,the car has 168,000 miles on it an has been overheated 12 times by my son,and I have ran out of oil completely a few times, this is an amazing little engine......I have a more powerful engine almost ready to go in as soon as this one dies,but I have been waiting a long time for this one to die. I have a 1998 metro with a 3 cylinder suzuki engine and 5 speed manual transmission (150,000 miles). It is used as a to and from work car and goes through city and light highway. It has averaged 47 miles per gallon for the past year. GM and Suzuki have had a proffessional relationship for years. The two companies currently operate a shared plant that used to produce Suzuki Swifts and Geo/Chevy Metros. It now produces Suzuki Areos and Chevy Aveos. With very few exceptions the 1.3L motors found in these cars are identical. The same for the 1.0L three cylinder. As an aside, both these motors will work (with some slight modifications) in Suzuki Samurais. So when you are junk yard shopping don't pass on either car. They are virtually the same. try cleaning throttle plate and reseting code by discoecting neg battery cable.mine did same thing for months

The Metro and Aveo are not and were not manufactured in the same plant, and they do not share the same engine. The Aveo is made by the former Daewoo company, mostly in South Korea. The Metro was made in Canada, and previously in Japan.

The difference is significant because the Aveo's get poor mpg when compared with the 3 cylinder Metro.

the above answer is correct the aveo and metro are not the same car and have nothing to do with one another.

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Q: How many mpg do you get from a Geo Metro with a Suzuki motor?
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will a 1998 suzuki esteem 1.3 moter fit a 199 geo metro lsi

95 Geo Metro 1.3 suzuki motor?

Is this a question? I don't think so

Are suzuki swift and GEO windows interchangeable?

Geo Metro and Suzuki swift windows are interchangeable

Who makes geo metro?

General Motors A Geo Metro is a Cheverolet geo and Chevy metro are both made by suzuki in Canada

How much horsepower does Geo Metro have?

The geo metro was a version of the Suzuki Cultus that was produced from 1989-2001. The geo metro came with a 49 horsepower engine.

Who manufactures geo metros?

Suzuki.............. General Motors was the distributor for the Geo Metro. (Chevrolet)

Can you swap a transmission from a Geo Metro in to a suzuki esteem?

No. The Metro trans is too small.

Can a 95 Geo Metro motor fit in a 98 Geo Metro?

Yes, they are compatible. You could also use a 1994 - 1998 Suzuki Swift engine. Or if you can find one a 1994 - 1998 Pontiac FireFly engine. Hope this helped.

Will a Geo Metro motor fit a 1992 geo storm?

sue in da house

Willa 1993 Geo Metro motor fit a 1991 Geo Tracker?

Who makes Geo?

Geo is a part of GM. The Geo Prism was a rebadged Toyota Corolla. The Geo Metro was a rebadged Suzuki Swift. The Geo Tracker was a rebadged Suzuki Sidekick. The Geo Storm was a rebadged Isuzu Impulse. The Geo Spectrum was a rebadged Isuzu I-Mark.

Will a 95 Geo Metro 1.0 motor work in a 91 Geo Tracker automatic?


Where is oxygen sensor on Geo Metro?

under he motor mount

Will a 93 Geo Metro transmission fit in a 95 Geo Metro?

Can you swap a 93 Geo metro manual transmition with a 95 Geo Metro

How much motor oil does a Geo Metro hold?

4 liters

Was Chevy geo its own car company?

Early GEO Prism was made in California and was nothing more than a rebadged Toyota Corolla. The Metro & Tracker were rebadged Suzuki vehicles made in Canada. The Spectrum & Storm were Suzuki vehicles made in Japan. Geo Metro convertibles & early Geo Trackers were made in Japan.

Will a 85 geo metro engine work in 95 geo metro?

If its from 85 then its NOT a geo metro engine. It is probably a Chevrolet Sprint engine because they only started making Geos in 88. If you need an engine for your 95 Geo then you could use one of the following: 1991 - 1995 Geo Metro engine. 1991 - 1995 Suzuki Swift Engine, and 1991 - 1995 Pontiac FireFly engine. Hope this helps :)

Different vehicles with compatible parts for a 1991 Geo Metro?

The 1989-94 Geo Metro is the same car as a Suzuki Swift or the Pontiac Firefly. Most parts on those cars would be compatible.

Where is the blower motor resistor on a 1991 Geo Metro 3 cylinder stick shift car?

Many are in the air duct near the blower motor.

What cheap cars can you put a r32 skyline motor?

Geo Metro Compact

Where is the alternator on a 1989 Geo Metro?

passenger side, on the back side of the motor between motor and the firewall. Top side of motor

How many mpgs does a geo metro get?

I get 44mpg city & 50 hwy on my 1995 Geo Metro, 4 cyl.

How do you replace the motor mounts on a 1993 Geo Metro?

Begin by loosening the motor mount retaining bolt in your 1993 Geo Metro. Jack the engine up a few inches. Remove the retaining bolt and the motor mount bushing. Put the new bushing in and reverse the process.

Is the hood on a 1994 Suzuki Swift the same as a 1994 Geo Metro?

Yes, the Metro is a branded version of the Suzuki model. However, the problem may come in the construction and placement of the hinges and latches from different model years.

Are Geo Metro and Suzuki Swift brake parts interchangeable?

Yes try to find the same year though

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