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Nobody has counted the earlier cases of genocide. One of the best known was the killing of about 1.2 million Armenians in 1915-17 and 1920-22 by the Turkish government. It had some features in common with the later Jewish Holocaust. I don't wish to offend Americans, but it's surely also the case that there was widespread genocide in much of North American against the Native Indian population - and also against many native tribes by the Spaniards in Latin America, too. I'd also add the appalling slaughter of an estimated 5 million natives in the Congo between about 1885 and 1908, when the so-called "Congo Free State" was the personal property of the king of Belgium. After the Belgian parliament took it away from him and turned it into regular colony there was an improvement in conditions. A distinctive feature of the Jewish and Armenian holocausts was their frenzied impatience and their utter relenentlessness.

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When was the Holocaust officially over?

The Holocaust was never really over. There are Holocausts happening right now in Iraq and other places of the world.

Where has genocide taken place before the Jewish holocaust?

All over the world

Where are there mini Holocausts happening in the world?

the word that you are looking for is genicide(s), the Holocaust was a singular event, not the description of a type of event.

What percentage of the Jewish population was murdered during the Holocaust?

Just before the Holocaust there were about 18 million Jews world wide, and about one third (33%) were killed in the Holocaust.

Which two holocausts happened during world war 2?

There was only one Holocaust, there were a few attempted genocides, but the Holocaust is a specific term and cannot be used to describe other similar events.

Numbers of Jewish people before World War 2 and after World War 2 in Germany?

over sixmillion Jews died in the holocaust

What event pushed the world toward a Jewish homeland?

The Holocaust.

Was the Jewish holocaust in World War 1 or World War 2?


Did world war 2 start before or after the holocaust?

WW2 started before the Holocaust.

What has the author Jack Fischel written?

Jack Fischel has written: 'The Holocaust' -- subject(s): Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945), Jewish resistance, World War, 1939-1945 'Holocaust Studies Annual'

Why did people get killed in the Holocaust?

People got killed in the Holocaust because the were Jewish. Hitler (the guy who was behind the whole plan of the Holocaust) blamed the Jewish people for everything like World War 1, , the Great Depression, World War 2.

How many Jews were there before the Holocaust?

There were about 16 million Jews worldwide before the Holocaust; afterwards, about 10 million.

What group of Jewish people were affected by World War 2?

the Holocaust

Did the Jewish Holocaust happen during World War 1?

No, the Jewish Holocaust happened during World War II. But it was reported in 1930's newspapers thus throwing the whole narrative into debate.

What percentage of people died of holocaust in th world war 2?

8.2% of the deaths in WWII were Jewish Holocaust deaths

How much did the Jewish population decrease after World War II?

The Holocaust decreased the world population by 6 million over the course of the genocide. After World War II, the Jewish population increased, but it has still not recovered to Pre-Holocaust levels.

Are there mini-Holocausts happening in world?


What is the most important event in the history of the Jewish people?

world war 2 (the holocaust).Jewish answer:The Giving of the Torah by God.

What happened to the Holocaust after World War 2?

The holocaust ended with or before the end of World War 2 in Europe.

Who was affected during World War 2 and the Holocaust?

during world war 2 most major countries were effected. during the holocaust people of Jewish heritage were affected. also prisoners of war were taken and given similar treatment to those of whom were Jewish or of Jewish heritage.

What has the author Charles Anflick written?

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What has the author Nelly S Toll written?

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How do you spell hollocost?

The correct spelling is "holocaust".Most commonly used when referring to The Holocaust where the Jewish suffered under the Nazis in the second world war.

What word do Jewish people prefer to use to describe the World War 2 holocaust?


How many Jewish people in Poland in 2010?

Prior to the Holocaust, Poland had the largest Jewish population in the world. As of 2010, there are about 22,000 Jews living there.