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60 days is usual for most lenders, however, it varies.

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Q: How many payments do you usually have to be behind before a financial institution decides to repossess?
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absolutely..the financial aid office at your selected institution of higher learning in the main determining party who decides which programs you are eligible for. Also, when filling out the FAFSA, one of the questions asks for the school code. Talk to the financial aid adviser at the school you have in mind.

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How may missed mortgages payment until you are in foreclosure?

Mortgages can be written with a lot of different terms and laws, especially real-estate laws, vary greatly state to state. State law also dictates the actual process of foreclosure. Foreclosure doesn't happen when you miss x number of payments. Foreclosure is the legal process of the bank or lender trying to take away your legal right to lay claim to any equity you have accumulated in your home. They do this so that, if and when they have to repossess your home, they don't have any problems trying to sell if because you still have a financial claim to the property. Foreclosure happens when you default and a bank decides they need to foreclose so they can then evict you and resell the house. If you are missing payments on your mortgage, you need to talk to your bank/lender and talk about what's going on. Banks do not like to have to go through all the work to foreclose, evict, and sell a home. But, if you are missing payments, you need to talk to someone to figure out what the options are and which option is best for you.

What can i do when i enter into a contract and the person I'm buying the business from decides he wants to close the business mind you i have been making the payments?

If you entered a contract to purchase a business and the seller closes down after you have made proper payments, you need to contact a lawyer. A judge may require him to give your money back or allow you to reopen.

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