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Several billion.

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Q: How many pennies are made in a year?
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How many pennies were made in an year?

For a specific answer, you need to ask about a specific year.

How many copper pennys were made in 1943?

There are no exact records of the number of copper pennies made in 1943. It was about 40. Most pennies that year were made of steel.

What year were pennies sopped being made?

1815 is the only year U.S. one cent coins (pennies) were not made.

What was the year pennies were made of pure copper?

Pennies were made out of pure copper from 1793-1857. Today, pennies are mostly made of zinc but coated with copper.

What is the record of most pennies?

I don't uderstand you question. If you are refering to how many pennies the US has made i don't think that there is a way to figure that out due to the fact that no one knows how many pennies were made each year in the mints early years.

When did pennies stop being all copper?

1860 The last copper pennies were made in England, and the same year the first bronze pennies were made.

How many pennies were made of copper in 1943 before going to steel that year?

All of them were supposed to be made of steel, however there were a few copper coins accidentally struck that year. Its extremely rare to come across copper pennies from that year.

What year did they stop putting the wheat sign on the back of pennies?

These pennies are called "Wheat Pennies". They were last made in 1958.

What was the last year pennies were made out of copper?


When was the last year wheat pennies were made?

The last year wheat cents were made was in 1958.

How many pennies were made in 2012?

According to the US mint, 6015.2 million pennies were made in 2012.

How many pennies were made in 2010?

According to the US Mint, 4010.83 million pennies were made in 2010.

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