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How many people are in Congress?


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Currently 535 - 100 Senators and 435 Representatives. The number of senators can be changed only by the admission of new states, since the Constitution entitles each state to two. The number of Representatives can be altered by law, provided that each state has at least one.


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Each state gets two Congress people. There are 50 states. 2 Congress people x 50 States = 100 Congress people.

w many members of congress are married to people in the military

Just Obama and Congress...not many.

There are 435 Representatives, and 100 Senators, making 535 elected Congress members.

Congress does not represent the people, they represent special interest or large corporations that are able to afford a certain level of bribery. The people are referred to as sheeples, or cash cows by congress in congress. Outside of congress they call the people " districts ".

The Library of Congress has about 1.7 million visitors every year.

congress works for the people

Each member of congress is elected by the people of his/her state. Each member of congress is elected by the people of his/her state.

There are many famous congress people, some also presidents. These include Abraham Lincoln, Lyndon Baines Johnson, as well as William H Natcher.

Alabama has seven US Representatives.

435 in House of Representatives 100 in Senate "Congress" refers to both chambers, so 535 total

Many people feel that Congress should be reformed because at the current time there are no term limits. Many believe that members of Congress should not be allowed to make a lifelong career out of serving in the Senate or the House.

The people that elected them to Congress.

all the people in the congress.

None. The capitol is the building where Congress meets.

25 congress men are in Virginia and rock out people of America

hmm....its obvious that there are 2 senate in Arizona representing in congress....for the not sure..depends on population

There is 535 members in congress. 2 senators from every state that's 50*2=100 plus 435 representatives

It takes half of the congress plus one vote. There are 435 people in Congress so half of that would be 217 people. Then you need to have over 50% so that means you need 218 votes. You need 218 votes to pass a bill in Congress.

Congress doesn't elect new members. The people from their state elect the people who will represent them in Congress.

as many times as the people re-elect them

Congress members represent the people of the state they're from.

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