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There are 58,272 names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

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How many people from Minnesota are on the Vietnam Vets Memorial Wall?

1,072 servicemen from Minnesota died in the Vietnam War.

What is the Vietnam wall?

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Is it true that the first 200 names on the Vietnam memorial wall were there because the people were missing?

On the site: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall; the information column will explain those names.

How did the first 200 names get on the Vietnam memorial wall?

The site: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall; information column will answer that question.

What are the names on the Vietnam War memorial?

See website: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

When was the Vietnam wall built?

The Vietnam Memorial Wall was started in 1979 and finished in 1982.

What was the Vietnam veterans memorial made out of?

The Vietnam memorial wall is made out of the igneous rock, gabbro.

Is the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial wheelchair accessible?

More than likely, many veterans are in wheelchairs, confirm with their website: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

What is the name of the Vietnam war wall?

The official name of the Vietnam Wall in Washington, D.C. is the "Vietnam Veterans Memorial." It is also referred to as "the Wall." The figures of the servicemen by the Wall are called "The Three Servicemen." The memorial is different than most war memorials. It is not a memorial to the war but is a memorial to all who served in Vietnam, both dead and those still living.

How was the design of the Vietnam memorial?

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is the primary part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It also consists of the Vietnam Women's Memorial, and the Three Soldiers statue. The memorial was designed by Maya Ying Lin.

Why isn't my uncle who died in Vietnam listed on Vietnam War memorial wall?

If your uncle was in the US Military (civilians are not listed on the wall); obtain documentation and contact the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall office.

Attendance to the Vietnam wall memorial?

3 million each year go to visit the Vietnam memorial

How many names were engraved on the Vietnam wall?

As of June 2010, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial contained 58,267 names.

How old is the Vietnam memorial wall?

The wall is 28 years old.

Vietnam Memorial Designed by?

See website: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall; they have detailed information in their info column.

What type of rock is the Vietnam veterans memorial made of?

The website, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall gives that information.

How tall is the Vietnam war memorial?

First of all, the proper name of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington is "Vietnam Veterans Memorial." It is a memorial to the veterans, not a memorial to war. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall consists of the east wall and west wall. Where they meet at the center, both walls are 10 feet, 1.5 inches high. Both walls are triangles, tapering down to points on the far ends. Each wall is 246 feet, 8 inches long, consisting of 72 panels. More information about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is on the web site named The Virtual Wall at www.VirtualWall.org

Who long is the wall of the Vietnam Memorial?

Sadly to long with too many names to be imaginable

What memorial in DC was built to honor the dead people of the Vietnam war?

The Vietnam Memorial, a black reflective granite wall with the names of all the Americans killed in the Vietnam War enscribed. It is on the Mall near the Lincoln Memorial end of the reflecting pool.

How were the Vietnam veterans honored?

They built their own Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

Describe the Vietnam Memorial that is in Washington DC?

The Vietnam Memorial was built for the purpose of honoring the men and women who served and died during the Vietnam War. It also honors those soldiers who are still unaccounted for. It has three different parts. The Three Soldiers Statue, The Vietnam Women's memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. The Wall is the best known part of the memorial.

Who is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall?

See the related links for an alphabetically categorized list of all the names (58,166 names) engraved into the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

What are the names of people who fought in the Vietnam War?

The names of over 58,000 US servicemen are engraved on the VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL WALL website.

What context shaped the Vietnam war memorial document?

The designer of the memorial explains WHY she designed it that way. Read her explanation on the website: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

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