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How many people died at Pearl Harbor?


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The following is a list of how many people were killed on Dec. 7, 1941 as a result of the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor.

  • US Navy 2,008 KIA
  • USMC 109 KIA
  • US Army 218 KIA
  • Civilians 68

Total 2,403

Close to 2/3 of those who died occurred in the first 15 minutes of the battle when the Oklahoma, Utah and the Arizona were bombed.

55 Japanese died.

The US had 1178 personnel wounded along with an unknown amount of Japanese.

2,403 - 68 of which were civilian


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nobody because, its not at pearl harbor its on pearl harbor because pearl harbor is a harbor!:)

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55 Japanese died in the attack of Pearl Harbor.

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There were over 2,500 people killed in the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

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About 2,400 people died in the attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor.

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In Pearl Harbor, over 2,400 people died on December 7,1941.

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