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Q: How many people died of homeless in winston-salem in 2008?
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Related questions

What happened to the homeless people after the Kobe earthquake?

People were homeless and some died

How many homeless people died in 2007?

many people died when they were homeless maybe because they had no... money, food, drinks or a .. HOME.

How many people are homeless in japan because of the earthquake?

sadly alot. and some people died i am not sure the exact number but many people are homeless

How many homeless people died in the UK?


How many people were made homeless in the Kobe earthquake 1995?

Around 310,000 people were made homeless while around 6,000 people died and 26,000 people were injured.

How many people died in hurricane iwa?

Nobody died. 120 people were left injured, 500 homeless.

How many homeless people died?

they are a lot homeless how died and a scientific can not counted but for us is more important a piece of paper with numbers (money) than helping others.

How many people died in the Mozambique flooding?

300 people and 1 Million made Homeless

How many people died in 2008 in US?

Roughly around 2.5 million people but here are lists of people who died in 2008 in the US.

How many people died of smoking in 2008 in England?

An estimated 1.3 million people died in 2008 in England

How many people died in the Bangladesh floods 2004?

Approximately 800 people died overall, many from disease as they had no access to clean water. 36 million people were made homeless.

Who was effected when Pinatubo last erupt?

700 people died, 143 people were injured, thousands were left homeless and jobless.

How was haiti afeccted by the earthquake?

Homes were destroyed, people were homeless and many people died. Many people lost friends and families and lost everything.

What were the effects of Rwanda Genocide?

800,000 people died and lots were homeless. it resorted in the hutus having power

How many people died in the Mexico city earthquake?

10 000 people died during the Mexico City earthquake, but there were also 50 000 injuries, and 250 000 people were made homeless.

During the 2004 flood season how many people were left homeless in Bangladesh?

Around 30 million people were made homeless- around 700 people died too.

How many people died in the 2008 Chinese earthquake?

By 12 June 2008, the reported number of people died in Wen Chuan earthquake is 69159.

How many people died during the izmit earthquake in 1999?

17 thousand died 24 thousand injured 600 thousand left homeless

How many people were killed and missing in the 1974 flood?

In the Brisbane 1974 floods, 16 people died, 300 were injured, and 9,000 people were left homeless.

How many people in the Midwest in 2008 died from a tornado?

Tornadoes in the Midwest killed 41 people in 2008.

How did Hitler become homeless?

Hitler didn't become homeless, he died. Or so everyone thought

How many people died as a result of Mount Etna erupting and what damage did it cause?

20,000 people, and destroyed 14 towns and villages leaving 27,000 people homeless

What damage was caused in the Queensland floods?

there were numerous damages caused by the floods; homes went underwater, people left homeless, people missing and many people died.

How many people have died in tornadoes in the years 2008-2009?

178 people died in tornadoes worldwide in the years 2008-2009. 147 of those deaths were in the U.S.

How many people were killed from the dust bowl?

7,000 died from dust pneumonia and other causes. 2 million were homeless.