How many people have been killed in darfur?

When the conflict in Darfur began, a serious drought had just ended that had killed about 95,000 people. Things were still at a climax, and tensions were high, and in 2003 (i think) rebel groups began attacking government outposts to voice their aggrivation since they weren't being represented in the government and getting food.

Since these people were non-Arab, the government answered their attacks and complaints by killing them. Arabs had no reason to complain because they were being represented and fed, and the government used the non-Arab's attacks as excuses to kill them, calling their complaints, lies.

It's been 3 years since the Darfur genocide has begun and already 400,000 innocent people have been killed. Usually the meathod used it simply either killing everyone in the village and leaving their bodies rotting in a ditch, or they kill the men and rape the women because if a woman is not pure she cannot marry, therefore dooming her to die from poverty and starvation.

The attacks ARE government sponsored, but so far they are doing a good job of covering it up and threatening anyone who tries to intercede. If you have any more questions about this matter you can email me at: