What are the genocides in Sudan?

There's no genocide in Sudan, yet.
Number of people who died in Sudan's Darfur is nothing compared to number of people who died in Congo, Iraq (more than 650,000 human beings) and Afghanistan (only god knows how many).
Sudan's official language (mainly in the North) is Arabic. That makes the Sudanese people as Arab as the Indians and Nigerians are British!!!
The conflict in Darfur is financed by external forces. The rebels' leaders live in five stars hotels in Paris, Rom, London, and Washington.
The Sudanese government, as bad as you may think, has it's own resources for money and weapons.

The question is: who pays the rebels to fight???

Why Darfur's conflict is all over the media, right after the end of the civil war between the North and the South???

Who benefits from instability in Sudan, and Africa???