How many people in the US own a gun?

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Approximately 80 million people in 52 million households own 260 million firearms. Unfortunately, only about 4 million are actively supporting the right to bear arms as members of the NRA. If you are one of the other 76 million, please join us.
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How many people owned slaves in the US?

Of the 27 million whites counted in the 1860 census, 8 million lived in the slave owning states of the South. Of these, 385,000 owned slaves. Statistically, 4.8% of all Southern whites owned slaves. When factored by the entire population, 1.4% of all United States whites were slave owners. Read m ( Full Answer )

How many people own a microwave in the US?

Microwaves are one of the most common appliances in America.Currently, it's estimated that over 93 percent of homes have one inthe house.

How many people in the US own homes?

How many people in the USA have home mortgages and how many people own homes in USA In 1960 approximately 62% of all homes were occupied by their purchasers. Since that time, and in conjunction with Carter's institution of the Community Reinvestment Act and Clinton's expansion of said Act, home o ( Full Answer )

Who can own a gun in the US?

Anyone who is of the proper age (18 for rifles and shotguns, 21 for handguns) and isn't one of the following: Fugitives of justice Felons and people convicted of some misdemeanors People under indictment for certain crimes Illegal aliens Anyone that has been found mentally unstable Unlawf ( Full Answer )

How many people own guns?

The most recent study, from '94, showed 25% of adults in the U.S. own guns. That's about 54,450 million citizens! Numbers for the whole world are impossible. (courtesy of

How many people in the US own a passport?

While the State Department does not supply a figure, it is currently estimated that less then 20 percent of the US population has ever been issued a passport.

How many people in US own computers?

currently about 76 percent of people in the united states own a computer according to the opinion research corporation caravan poll about every 3 out 4 people.

Why people should not be able to own guns?

Because the sole purpose of a gun is to kill, and people have no need to kill other people.. "The sole purpose of a gun is to kill" is an incorrect statement. That is one of the uses, but not the only use. However, historically, it was understood that it was acceptable and necessary to kill when ac ( Full Answer )

How many people in America own guns?

90% of America owns a gun 30% of the people owning a revolvers 16% owning automatics and the rest shotguns and or rifles. No exact answer is possible, since there is no national requirement for registration of firearms, and MOST states have no such requirement. In the Gallup Poll conducted in 2004, ( Full Answer )

How many people use guns?

Between half and three fourths of people in the US. It is different in other countries.

Why should people own guns?

One opinion: Since this question asks for an opinion, I believe people should own a gun for self-defense. Just to be specific, I don't believe self-defense means "he-tried-to-hurt-me-so-I-shot-him-dead"; self-defense is to protect yourself and stop that other person from causing harm. If you kill ( Full Answer )

How many guns are owned in the UK?

There are slightly fewer than two million privately owned guns inthe United Kingdom. Gun ownership in the United States is about 200million.

How many people successfully defended themselves using guns?

There's no real way to know, because many people have defended themselves with a gun but didn't have to shoot anyone, so no report was filed, and in some cases, the person never called the police. In the U.S. according to one source, it's 2.5 million each year, but that statistic is based on a "surv ( Full Answer )

How many guns can a citizen own?

as many as they want but in other countrys like Iraq you can only have 1 gun for robbers The US Constitution does not set a limit on the number of guns a US resident may own. However, various laws regulate the kinds of guns, and local laws in some areas greatly restrict ownership.

How many people own airsoft guns?

pretty much alot of people worldwide own airsoft guns, think about it this way, 1 of of every 6 person in the united states owns an airsoft gun i don't know about Europe because i don't live there>

How many people are killed by their own guns?

The last published data on this is by the National Safety Council (USA) in 2005; in that year a total of 500 people were killed by accidental firearms usage in the USA (This included some suicides) - in perspective 16,200 from poison, 900 people died from drowning inside their home and the only lowe ( Full Answer )

How many people use guns for security?

There are really no firm numbers to answer this question- but it would be several millions of people. They would include the farmer that keeps a shotgun for protection of his livestock from wild animals, the merchant that keeps a handgun for protection from an armed robbery, and the private citizen ( Full Answer )

How many people owned a gun in the 16th century?

There's not an exact number or anything but we can work out who owned a gun... Farm owners, land lords/ owners and crininals would ave had guns with them parciticly all the time! not helpful? Sorry!

How many people own hand guns in America?

No one knows exactly- US law, and most state laws do NOT require registration of ordinary firearms. In 1994, a survey estimated that roughly 16% of the adults in the US owned at least one handgun. That would equal roughly 49.6 million persons that own a handgun. My personal belief is that the number ( Full Answer )

How many people own a gun?

The most recent study, from '94, showed 25% of adults in the U.S. own guns. That's about 54,450 million citizens! Numbers for the whole world are impossible.

How many people in America own a gun?

Since there is, by law, no general registration of firearms in the USA - there are only estimates, and they range from a low of 76 million to a high of over 120 million gun owners. Current surveys (2010 and later) put the percentage of households that had a gun in them in the low 40s (40-45%) and ( Full Answer )

How many people have owned a gun between 1990 to 2010?

You will have to find the industry stats for each year to get a answer on how many guns were sold. It won't be the answer you want because one person can buy more than one gun in a given time period and there is no accirate way to capture that data.

How many people own guns in the world?

No way to know. The number is in the high millions, and varies country to country. In the US, it is estimated that there are over 75 million gun owners- about a quarter of the US population.

How many people owned guns in 2006?

You will have to tell us what you really want to know. In the US? In Europe? In the world? Military? Civilian?

What kind of people own a gun?

In America, about a quarter of the adult population owns a gun. What kind of people? That varies greatly. Most are owned by law abiding people. They include hunters, recreational target shooters, people that keep a gun for defense, and people that use guns in their work (ranching, farming, police of ( Full Answer )

How many people own guns in the united state?

We don't have an exact number, since there is no registration of gun owners or guns. However, it is estimated that about 1/3rd of all household owns at least 1 gun.

How many individuals in the US own a gun?

No exact number, as there are no exact records, but a best estimate is sightly more than one third of all households have at least one firearm.

How many US homeowners own guns?

No exact number, as there are no exact records, but a best estimateis sightly more than one third of all households have at least onefirearm.

How many legally owned guns in US?

No way to answer your question. In the US, there is no requirement under Federal law to register firearms, so no records of how many guns total, It is estimated that at least 25% of US households have at least one firearm.

How many people own a farm in US?

there is milllions of people that own a farm all over the world. Wisconsin is the 3rd state that has the most farms.

How many people commit suicide using guns?

In America, the foremost means of committing suicide (arguably) is with guns -- mostly handguns. Men choose this method quite frequently; women somewhat less so, preferring poisons. Exact numbers are hard to obtain, for quite a few reasons. For example, it's often easier on the survivors if the ev ( Full Answer )

Can people with dementia own guns?

No, because they are mentally unfit to have a gun. It is against the law to let someone mentally ill own or have a gun.

How many women own guns?

No information, and it will depend on where you are. In MOST of the US, there is no licensing of gun owners, thus no records of number of men OR women..

How many people bought a guns in the US 2012?

That is not easily answerable. US constitutional law prohibits the accumulation of this information into a central database. Also a large portion of sales in the US are secondary private sales from one owner to a new owner and not regulated. Dealers are required to log every sale in a register (log ( Full Answer )

How many democrats own guns?

Since there is no master list of who owns a gun, and gun purchase information does NOT include political affiliation- there is no way to answer your question. The actual division of owns/ does not own is more likely to be where you live. People in inner cities own relatively few guns, people that li ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal to own a gun in the US?

In general, if you are a law-abiding citizen over age 21, you can own a firearm. There are certain local exceptions such as New York City, Washington, D.C. and Chicago, but even these are being litigated. Don't do anything stupid with it. If you plan to purchase a gun, I recommend that you take a ( Full Answer )