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129,0854,000 voted in the last US presidential election.

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Q: How many people voted in the last presidential election?
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How many people in California voted in last presidential election?

i would defentially say obama

When was the last time that MA voted for a republican in a presidential election?


Did Tennessee vote democrat or replubicain last presidential election?

They voted Republican

What percent of 18 to 24 year olds voted in the last presidential election?


What percentage of people voted in the last presidential election?

the answer is 59.978% exactly... hope this helps :) even tho im not from usa :)

What was the percetange of eligable Americans that voted in the last presidential election?

One in four people vote that are eligible to vote. Not very good odds.

When was the last time Indiana voted democrat in a presidential election?

The last time Indiana went for a Democrat in a presidential race was 1964.

When was the last presidential election?

The last US presidential election was in 2008; the nect will be in 2012.

In the last presidential election how many independents were there?

SIX people

How did Virginia vote on the last presidential election?

Virginia voted for Obama/Biden in both 2008 and 2012. 2008 was the first time Virginia voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since voting for Johnson/Humphrey in 1964.

Did Michigan vote Republican or Democratic in the last 4 presidential elections?

Michigan voted Republican in the 2016 election, and Democratic in the past three presidential elections in 2012, 2008, and 2004.

How many states casted their votes for president in 1960?

That was the first U. S. Presidential election in which 50 states voted... and the last in which the District of Columbia did not vote.

I stand before you tonight under indictment for the alleged crime of having voted at the last presidential election without having a lawful right to vote?


How many electoral votes did New Hampshire have in last presidential election?

How many electoral votes did New Hampshire have in the last presidential election?

How many people didn't vote in the last presidential election?

177,697,193 people didnt vote in 2008

How many people vote in Canada?

In the last federal election in 2008 59.1% of the eligible population voted. This is a record low for Canada and is down from 60.9% of the eligible population that voted in the 2004 federal election.

What percentage of the voting public was represented by women in the last presidential election?

In the 2012 presidential election, about 54% of the voters were women. Almost 10 million more women voted than men. In the 2014 elections, about 52% of the voters were women.

Determining the number of people from the state of Alaska who voted for a Republican in the last election is an example of measurement?


How did Nevada vote in the last election?

It voted for obama.

How many canadians voted in the last election?

about 11232

When was the last election?

Presidential: Nov.4.08

48000 people voted in the last election in the town of Southboro If only 55 of the registered voters voted in the last election how many people are registered to vote?

I assume you mean that 55 percent of the registered voters voted. That being the case, and using x = 100 percent, then .55x = 48000; divide both sides by .55 and the number of registered voters is approximately 87273.

When was the last election held in USA?

I voted yesterday in Texas.

The last federalist to win a presidential election?

The ONLY two Federalists to win the presidential election were John Adams and of course George Washington.

When is next Russian presidential election?

The next Russian presidential election is in 2018. The Russian president serves for a term of 6 years at a time (the last election was in March of 2012).