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How many planes does air canada have?


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204 airplanes. Here are all the types:

- Airbus A319-100 - Total of aircrafts is 37

- Airbus A320-200 - Total of aircrafts is 41

- Airbus A321-200 - Total of aircrafts is 10

- Airbus A330-300 - Total of aircrafts is 8

- Boeing 767-300ER - Total of aircrafts is 30

- Boeing 777- 200LR - Total of aircrafts is 6

- Boeing 777-300ER - Total of aircrafts is 12

- Boeing 787-8 - Entry into service is 2014, replacing the Boeing 767-300ER

- Boeing 787-9 - Entry into service is 2015, replacing the Boeing 767-300ER

- Embraer 175 - Total of aircrafts is 15 -- To be transfered to and operated by Sky Regional Airlines by June 2013

- Embraer 190 - Total of aircrafts is 45


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In November 2014 Air Canada has 77 different Airbus aircraft, 41 of those are the Airbus A320-200( roughly equivalent to the Boeing 737-400 )In November 2014 Air Canada has 77 different Airbus aircraft, 41 of those are the Airbus A320-200

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