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It varies depending on what else is on your credit. For personal experience I can tell say that my credit went down over 200 points for a tax lien. Did not go up at all after it was paid, but definitely bounced back to the 200 points that were lost once I was able to have it removed.

It is true that credit bureaus tell you that there is no way to remove a tax lien once is paid. But the truth is that you do have a shot at it. Check out this link, is IRS form 12277 "Application for Withdrawal of Filed Form 668Y, Notice of Federal Tax Lien":

Once you fill out the form, mail it to your local IRS Collections Advisory Group. Go to publication 4235:

and find out the correct address for your local IRS Collections Advisory Group.

The IRS NOT the credit bureaus will remove it from your credit!

I know there is many answers on the web that say that this is impossible to remove a tax lien, but the IRS does have the answer to your problem. They did for mine and it worked!

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Q: How many points does a paid tax lien decrease your credit score?
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How many points will your credit score improve if a state tax lien is deleted?

You credit score will not improve just because any lien is deleted. You have to earn your credit points by payment history of creditors you make agreements with.

Can a property owners association affect credit score?

Yes. If, for example, you do not pay your assessments, and a lien is placed on your title, the filing is reported to the credit bureaus, and will show up on your credit report. Your score could suffer.

Will IRS tax lien affect credit score?

Generally, tax liens (both state, county and federal) do appear on your credit report and will impact your credit worthiness.

Can a home lien affect your credit?

Yes, liens against real property are very damaging to one's credit score and can make it difficult to obtain future credit.

When you pay off a tax lien does it reduce your credit score?

PAYING a tax lien has no effect on your credit. What would affect your credit score would be to have the lien released. This is the legal disposition to a lien. Have the release recorded at the same courthouse and send the proof of payment and the release to the credit bureaus. Tax liens have no statute of limitations for how long they can show on your credit report. Having the release recorded and shown on your credit triggers the 7 year countdown for when these public records will be shielded. According to Experian the payment of a tax lien, (which do in fact have statute of limitations of 7 years from the date of payment)payment of a tax lien and the subsequent reporting of the release WILL have a negative effect on your credit score. The logic in the world of credit scoring is this; Once a payment has been made on an old account, this constitutes "activity" on a derogatory credit entry. Recent activity on a derogatory account (even though payment should be considered "good") is considered a negative when computing scores.

Can I put a lien on someone's credit?

No. There is no such thing as a lien on credit because credit is not tangible property. A lien can be applied to property only.

Does a junior lien affect credit?

Yes. Any lien affects credit.Yes. Any lien affects credit.Yes. Any lien affects credit.Yes. Any lien affects credit.

Will my credit score rise if a tax lien is withdrawn due to an IRS error?

It should, but I would recommend writing to each credit reporting agency to dispute the negative entry on your credit report.

Can you get a new mortgage after you pay off the lien on the house?

Generally yes, if you qualify as to your ability to pay and your credit score and if there is equity in the property.

How do you remove lien from credit report?

How can I get a lien removed from my credit report what is the statute of limitation law?

Who to talk to about a state tax lien on your credit report?

If you are in the process of paying it off, ask the state tax bureau to give you a letter for the credit reporting company IF you are paying it off on svhedule in a timely fashion. This will not improve your credit score immediately , but when the lien is paid off, your efforts should be duly noted if you initiate the credit repair.

Does a lien on your property affect your credit rating?

Yes, it will affect your credit. My sister had a lien and she could not get some credit she applied for because of it.

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