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How many quarts of oil do you need when changing the oil and replacing the filter on a 1993 Lincoln Town Car?


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Here are the CAPACITIES for your Lincoln

Engine, with Wix # 51372 Filter..........5.0 quarts[1]

Cooling System, Initial Fill..........16.0 quarts

Automatic Transmission, Initial Fill..........3.0 quarts[2]

Automatic Transmission, Total Fill..........14.0 quarts

Differential, with 8.8 ring gear Rear..........3.8 pints[3]

Differential, with 7.5 ring gear Rear..........3.2 pints

1. After refill check oil level.

2. With ENG at operating temperature, shift through all

gears. Check fluid level in PARK and add fluid as needed.

3. Fill to no more than 1/4 to 9/16" below fill plug hole.

Buy 6 qts that way you have a qt in the trunk for that oil check and find it a little low.

Also if your filter is straight up and down prefill it before putting it on in car. It will help at start up. Hope This Helps.


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When changing the oil, you will need 2.4 quarts of oil when you are replacing the oil filter.

4.5 quarts is about what I use when changing oil and filter in mine.

5 quarts if changing Oil Filter 4 Quarts if NOT changing Oil Filter

4 quarts without changing the filter, 4.5 if changing the filter.

with changing the filter: 3.3 quarts without filter change: 3.2 quarts

If you mean how many quarts of oil it's 4 if you're also changing the filter. Less if you're not changing the filter.

4.5 quarts of oil including changing the filter. 4 quarts without filter

If you replaced the oil filter, it takes 3.9 quarts. If you didn't replace the oil filter, it takes 3.7 quarts. As a mechanic, I would never recommend changing the oil without replacing the filter also. Toyota says you should use 5W-30.

8 quarts with converter, four quarts just replacing filter

Answer:A 1994 Jetta with 2.0 4 cyl engine takes 3.7 quarts of oil without changing the oil filter. With the filter change it is 4.2 Quarts. The 2.8 V6 engine takes 5.3 quarts of oil without the filter change. With the filter change it takes 5.8 Quarts. I recomment changing the engine oil filter with every oil change.

If you are changing the oil and the filter then you will need 5 quarts.

4.5 quarts WITH a new filter. Little over 4 quarts without changing the filter.

About 2.2 quarts with a filter change and a little less than 2 quarts without changing the filter.

According to the 2002 Lincoln Blackwood Owner Guide : With engine oil filter change : ( 6.0 U.S. quarts )

The shop manual says 5-3/8 quarts with a filter change, 5-1/8 quarts when not replacing the filter.

7 quarts when changing the filter

2.2 quarts with filter 1.8 without filter change

According to the 2004 Lincoln Navigator Owner Guide : With engine oil filter change ( 7.0 quarts )

With engine oil filter change ( 7.0 quarts ) according to the 2011 Lincoln Navigator Owner Guide

5 quarts. Always use a new oil filter when changing the oil.

the standard is 4 quarts when changing fluid and filter

If you're changing the filter also, It takes 5 quarts.

6 quarts if also changing the oil filter.

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