How many rhinos are there left?

There are around 17,500 white rhino's left in the world. Northern White Rhinos are nearly extinct with only 5 left in the world, 1 male and 4 females. They are all held in captivity and are all out of breeding age. It is only a matter of time before Northern White Rhinos are gone forever. There are significantly more Southern White Rhinos making up the remainder of the population.
There are five different species of Rhinoceros:

White Rhinoceros: 17,480 (Near Threatened)

Black Rhinoceros: 2,140 (Critically Endangered)

Javan Rhinoceros: 100 (Critically Endangered)

Sumatran Rhinoceros: 300 (Critically Endangered)

Indian Rhinoceros: 2,700 (Vulnerable)

There is about 1050 rhinos left

There are estimated to be about 40000 rhinos in the world. However there may be less than this. Their status is endangered.
There are 15,000 Rhinos in Africa, and 3,000 Rhinos in Asia.