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How many sea urchins are their in the world?

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no one knows how much sea urchins there r

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How many purple sea urchins are there?

there are excatly 3million purple sea urchins

What eat sea urchins?

Humans, sea otters, and many more sea creatures eat sea urchins

What colors are sea urchins?

Sea urchins are purple, red, orange, yellow/orange, and a mix of red and purple.(Sea Urchins come in many shapes sizes and colors.)

What are a sea urchins threats?

what are a sea urchins movement

Do sea urchins live in Connecticut?

No. Sea urchins live in the sea.

What sea animals eat sea urchins?

sea otters eat sea urchins

How many sea urchins are in a square yard?

there are none because sea urchins live in water and not on land unless they are dead

Where do sea urchins come from?

sea urchins come from the ocean

Are sea urchins a mammal?

Sea urchins are echinoderms, not mammals.

Do sea urchins communicate?

Sea urchins do not communicate with each other

Ho do sea urchins reproduce?

sea urchins can either reproduce sexually or asexually sea urchins can either reproduce sexually or asexually

What is the unique features of a sea urchin?

Sea Urchins have spikes are soft and chalk like , or they can be , hard and covered by a shell-like structure . There are more than 200 types of Sea Urchins , there are many different sizes and shapes of Sea Urchins species.

How deep in the sea do sea urchins live?

How deep do sea urchins live

Are sea urchins unicellular?

Sea Urchins are multicellular animals, phylum echinodermata.

Can sea urchins live outside of water?

No, or they wouldn't be called *sea* urchins.

What kinds of sea creatures are in sea world?

fishes,octopus,sea urchins,prawns,sponges,sea horse,amoeba

Can sea urchins live in fresh water?

Sea urchins are ocean creatures, and do not survive in fresh water. Sea urchins can only thrive in a seawater environment.

Where do sea urchins live?

Sea urchins live in the sea, rock pools, kelp forests, and coral reefs

Are sea urchins predators?

No. Sea urchins are primary consumers and only eat sea weed, algae and kelp.

Are Sea Urchins mollusks?

No - sea urchins are part of the echinoderm phylum, with sand dollars, starfish and sea cucumbers.

Do sea urchins shoot poison?

it depends on which sea urchin........some sea urchins in Australia shoot poison

Facts about sea urchin?

Sea urchins are sometimes called sea hedge hogs. Sea urchin's scientific name is Echinoderm. They are found across many ocean floors throughout the world.

What happened to the kelp forests?

In the 1800s, too many sea otters were hunted for their fur. Without sea otters, fewer sea urchins were eaten. Soon, too many sea urchins were being born. Smaller fish could not survive, because sea urchins ate their supplies of kelp. These fish were food for sea stars and crabs. The sea stars and crabs began to die out.

What sea urchins eat?

Sea urchins eat seaweed,algae and bits of plants and animals.

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