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Dead turtles or live? You can find babies at pet stores and just look around to see if there's anything bigger.

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Q: How many sizes do they sell turtles?
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What are the sizes turtles can get?

Turtles can grow anormas. All types of sizes there are so many types also.

How big is the turtles heart?

As there are over six hundred species of turtles ranging in size from 4 inches to 7 feet long, there are many different sizes of hearts for turtles.

What is a physical description of a turtle?

Turtles have a bony shell that covers the top and the bottom of their body. The can be rounded, flat, or some shapes in between. Many turtles have long necks and turtles come in many different sizes.

Does petland sell turtles?

yes they do sell turtles but their like 6 inches long at most petlands

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Yes Amazon does sell wicker baskets in many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. They even sell wicker baskets that come in sets that include several sizes.

Does petsmart sell turtles?

Although they do sell them it is illeal to sell them in several states

Does patsmart sell turtles at the store?

Yes, Petsmart does sell about 5 types of turtles, but none of them are small if that's what you are looking for.

Do all turtles grow big?

All turtles grow to many times their hatchling and juvenile size, sea turtles grow quite large of course but the majority of currently sold pet turtles will also grow to sizes that are expensive to manage especially if female.

Why are pet turtles smaller than wild turtles?

Answer: That is not entirely true. Wild turtles can be small and domesticated turtles can be large. Large turtles are very old and take a long time to get to those large sizes.

Does Petco sell turtles?

Yes. The Petco I go to sells Red Eared turtles and some box turtles.

Do they sell painted turtles at petco?


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