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How many slaves died on the middle passage?

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Between one and two million slaves died on the crossing, leaving many corpses in the bowel of the ship to rot among his companions.

10% of slaves would die on the ships. And up to 30% if it was a bad voyage!


That statistic is wrong. 20 million embarked on the voyage and about half made it.


Once the slaves showed signs of diseases or were dead they would throw them over board to prevent diseases spreading. On average 1/8 of all slaves were lost and 1 1/2 million Africans are buried in the Atlantic Ocean between Africa and Americas.

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How were the slaves contorlled on the middle passage?

They were in chains in the bottom of the ship. Many died during the passage.

How many slaves survived the middle passage?

about 10 or 11 million survived the middle passage.

What is meant by middle passage of the slaves?

The middle passage was a passage taken by boat from Africa to Spain for slave trade conducted by the US in the sixteen hundreds. It was a very brutal and dangerous trip as the slaves were treated horribly and many often died in the trip. My knowledge is basic, but I hope this helps.

Who created the middle passage?

The slave trade created middle passage as a way to transport slaves from Europe across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas With minimal trouble. The conditions of middle passage were deplorable with the odor unbearable and sickness, disease, and raw sewage in abundance. Many slaves died in route, and many more were unsellable due to their weakened condition.

Approximately of African slaves died while traveling the Middle Passage?

It is estimated that almost 12,000,000 slaves were brought into the country traveling the Middle Passage. Although exact counts of how many died in their travels are not known for sure, it is believed between 15 and 20 percent of the 12 million died during transport.

How many slaves survived the journey to the Americas?

Roughly 10.7 million slaves survived the Middle Passage.

What influence did the middle passage have on slavery in the colonies?

The middle passage is how slaves got to America - in a stink infested and filthy cargo hold on a slave ship. Many slaves died enroute, making the slaves that made it sell at a higher price because of supply and demand. Many slaves were so weak they could not work and more than likely met an untimely death at the hands of a slaver.

Why did many slaves die during the middle passage voyage from Africa to the Americas?

Most of the slaves faced horrible conditions on the ships.

What is the past west across the Atlantic ocean for many slaves?

The Middle Passage, as Americans called it.

How many people died during the middle passage of the triangular trade?


Why are the ships of the middle passage called floating coffins?

Many of the slaves were kept in the hold and only by luck did they survive the trip.

African slaves most inhumane treatment evident in the middle passage?

the most inhumane treatment the slaves got was when they threw salt water on their many open cuts.

How many slaves were there in middle colonies in 1750?

About 200,000 slaves lived in the middle colonies

What hardships did slaves face in the middle passage?

Slaves faced many hardships while being shipped across the Atlantic. Crowded and unsanitary conditions resulted in massive disease outbreaks on ships. Malnutrition affected most slaves to some degree, as good food was not avaliable on ships. Slaves sometimes killed themselves, or were killed as punishment for rebellion. An estimated 15% of slaves died during transport.

What is a sentence containg the word middle passage?

Many Enslaved Africans went on a voyage called the Middle Passage.

How did African Americans respond to conditions on the middle passage?

Kidnapped from their native lands, the Africans formed bonds with other tribes while making the Middle Passage. For some, this is how they survived. About 15% of the slaves died on board the slave ships. As many as two million people may have died during the middle passage. The duration of the voyage went from about six months in the beginning to about six weeks, improving the chance of survival. Some attempted self starvation due to melancholy and the loss of their families, others attempted to jump from the ship into the sea.

What factors caused the slave trade to grow and how did this affect conditions on the Middle Passage?

The people of the colonies needed slaves. As farmers began to use fewer indentured servants, slaves became very valuable. People were willing to pay a lot for labor. As slaves became popular, the slave trade grew. The slave trade brought millions of Africans across the Atlantic ocean in a voyage called the Middle Passage. This affected conditions on the Middle Pasage because people were willing to pay a lot of money for labor. So, for greater profits, slave traders fit as many slaves as possible on board into spaces not even three feet high. The Middle passage was a terrifying and deadly journey that could last as long as three months. Thousands of captives died on the harsh journey.

What was the second middle Passage?

The second middle passage was the second part of the Triangular Slave Trade. This was the most dangerous and many lives were lost during the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from Africa. They were shackled and forced to lie down for months, due to space constraints, in pools of excrement and blood. There wasn't enough food, so many died of starvation. If given the chance, some committed suicide by throwing themselves in the ocean. Getting "exercise," meant being brought up on deck and forced to dance by sailors using whips. Widespread rape of female slaves was a common occurrence. The mortality rate of slaves making the middle passage was 11%.

How many runaway slaves died?

50,000 slaves died while they were runaways

How many miles long was the middle passage?


In the middle passage what were disease were there?

There were many, but 1 was scurvy.

Why was the middle passage a terrible experience for African slaves?

The middle passage was a terrible experiance for the slaves as they were all chained up lying on wooden pannels which would often have more slaves above them, they we're fed disgusting nasty food and were abused physically and mentaly. They were often exercised and given fresh air once or twice a day and were made to dance etc. They were treated like this for many many weeks, even months. So thats why:) Writen by a 13yr old girl from scotland;D

Why did the middle colonies have such a diverse mix of people?

There was so many people in the middle colonies of different colors because the middle colonies didnt have slaves so anyone would be treated the same. There wasn't many African slaves, or any slaves.

How many slaves died going to America?

About 3,000,000 slaves died during the trip to America?

What did the owners of black slaves in the middle colonies use to beat the slaves?

Many salve owners in the middle colonies would use either their fists or whips to beat slaves.