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i don't know about the amount of grams to eat, but I know to stay away from TRANS FAT!!!!!!!!!! that is what packs on the lbs.

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Q: How many sodium grams on a low sodium diet?
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Where can I find advice on low sodium diet?

you can find info on a low sodium diet at lowsoudiumforamerica.comyou can find info on a low sodium diet at lowsoudiumforamerica.comyou can find info on a low sodium diet at lowsoudiumforamerica.comyou can find info on a low sodium diet at lowsoudiumforamerica.comyou can find info on a low sodium diet at

what does low sodium diets mean ?

Low sodium diets can be confusing. A low sodium diet means eating more foods that have low sodium contents instead of high ones. The nutriesystem diet is a low sodium diet.

How can I eat a healthy low-salt diet?

There are many websites online that provide healthy low-sodium diet recipes and also have access to sodium trackers. The Mayo Clinic website offers many low-sodium recipes.

How many grams of fat is considered a low fat diet?

20 grams a day

How many grams of carbs should you eat on a 1200 calorie diet?

30 to 50 grams. That is called as low carbohydrates diet.

How much sodium in a low sodium diet?

2000mg or less

How low is a low sodium diet?

Typically, as my doctor told me, a low sodium diet is around 2000mg of sodium a day. Normal intake should be around 2400mg of sodium. Everybody eats way more sodium than they should.

Where can I find more information about low sodium diet?

Most people have too much salt in their diet so low sodium diet is beneficial to many people. Here is more information:

Is the DASH diet and the vegan diet the same?

It can be. You can have a low sodium vegan diet.

How many grams of sodium for a low-sodium diet?

Less than 2 grams (2000 mgs) a day. Please be aware that there is also a minimum salt requirement of the body. This changes from person to person (depending on your metabolism and life style), but in average it is around 500 mgs (0.5 grams) a day.

What are good recipes when you am on a low fat low sodium diet?

There are many good recipes for those people requiring a low fat, low sodium diet. These recipes can be obtained on the web at no cost through the food network and recipes dot com websites.

What foods should someone on a diet low in sodium eat?

If you were on a low sodium diet you shold eat foods that are low in sodium. Apples are a good low sodium food. You can also eat things like vegetables,beans,whole grains,fish and eggs.

Can you have bananas on a low sodium diet?


How many millegrams of sodium should you have in a day?

If you are on a low sodium diet you shouldn't take more than 2,000 milligrams.

How many grams of fat daily for a low fat diet?

As many as a phatt azz desires!

I want to know the benefits of a low sodium diet and why sodium is so bad for you if you consume too much.?

A low sodium diet plan is beneficial in that it helps stave off heart problems. Sodium is one of the many factors that raise your cholesterol levels and can lead to heart attacks.

How can I make sure I have a lot of low sodium foods in my diet?

All packaged foods have the sodium content printed on the nutrition facts. If you are worried about other kinds of organic foods, consider buying a diet book about sodium (there are many) and this will help you get the right sodium in your diet.

Which diet is generally healthier, low sodium or lower cholesterol?

In picking which diet is healthier, low sodium vs. low cholestorol the answer is neither. Choosing one or the other of these two diets depends on ones own dietary needs, A low sodium diet isn't going to help you if you already have low sodium eating habits and vise versa for cholesterol diets.

Are low sodium diets healthy or no?

No sodium is not bad in small amounts. A low sodium diet is good because it can help keep your blood pressure low. But you should always check with your doctor before going on any diet.

Is cornstarch safe in a low sodium diet?


Does a low sodium diet cause weight loss?


Have Pancreatitis and Doctor has put me on a low fat diet .How many grams would you recommend?

Low fat diet typically means 50 grams of fat and lower a day depending on your tolerance and your pancreatitis case.

How many carbohydrates are low carbohydrates?

30 to 50 grams of carbohydrates per day is considered as low carbohydrate diet.

What are the benefits of a low fat low sodium diet?

A low fat, low sodium diet is supposed to help with heart problems. The low sodium is used to lower high blood pressure, and the low fat to 'take care of the heart'. Both are under scrutiny nowadays, as there are questions as to whether these are true facts.

Is sodium chloride allowed on a low iodine diet?

I have to cook a low iodine diet for a family member, how do I know if any foods have iodine in them .I was trying to leave out alot of sodium, but after research I found out thaqt sodium is not a major factor in cooking for a low iodine diet? is this true? Does sodium have any effect on this diet? How do I find out how much iodine is in the food, it is not on the labels. Thanks for any help.