How many states were in Louisiana purchase?

States Included in Louisiana Purchase

Fourteen states were formed from the Louisiana Purchase. Some were parts of states, and some were entire states The states are Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and part of South Dakota.

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Included in the Louisiana Purchase were parts of 14 current U.S. states and two Canadian Provinces. The entire current states of Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska were included. In addition, parts of the states of Minnesota (west of the Mississippi River), North Dakota (most of the current state), South Dakota (almost all of the current state), and New Mexico (northeastern part of current state). Also parts of Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado that are east of the Continental Divide, the section of the current state of Louisiana that is west of the Mississippi (including the city of New Orleans). Small pieces of land that would eventually become parts of the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were also part of the Louisiana Purchase. The Louisiana Purchase was a major purchase for the United States and comprises approximately one-fourth of the total land area of the current United States.