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There are no US laws that dictate how many times a person may marry. The only requirement is that the previous marriage is legally dissolved according to the laws of the state in which the divorce decree is granted. In cases where a US citizen has multiple marriages to foreign nationals (not just one individual) it is likely that the department of Immigration and Customs (ICE)would take an interest in the matter if they became aware of the situation. It is against federal law for a US citizen to enter into a marriage of convenience with a foreign national whether or not financial issues are involved. Such acts are considered a criminal felony offense of federal law and if a person is convicted of the charge he or she can be imprisoned for ten or more years and/or fined hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Is a marriage legal in Florida if you were married outside of the country?

It depends if the marriage licence can be legal in Florida but it's most likely

Which country allowed mother and son marriage?

No country allows that and they have all strict laws against incest.

If your country does not recognize any marriage outside your country can you get married legally in your own country if you were married in another country?

Yes, like if you live in Pennsylvania, you can't have gay marriage, but you can go to Florida and do it, then come back

In which country is sex legal?

In every country. Otherwise we would die out. in some countries it is only allowed after marriage.

Can you still drink in a different country japan 20yrs if your legally allowed in your country Australia 18yrs?

You cannot drink in a different country such japan 20yrs even if your are legally allowed in your country Australia 18yrs.

Would you get married in another country?

No, because different countries have different marriage laws.

Can i travel to Florida without a passport?

It will depend from where you come to Florida, if it is from a different country you will need a passport.

Is Maryland a different state than Florida?

They are across the country

Is the marriage legal if married in Florida im british?

If you get married in Florida it is legal but you should always have a blessing in your own country just to make sure it is certain :)

If your aunt is managing conservator can she give you permission to marry at 16?

It depends on the laws of your state or country what is allowed for marriage.

What are the different kinds of folk songs in your country?

serenade, victory, marriage, festival and work

My friend was married in different country and he came to us with his wife and they don't have a marriage certificate can they remarriage again to get a marriage licence in US?


Can a sixteen year old rent a car in Florida?

Only adults are allowed to rent cars, in Florida and the rest of the country. In many cases, a person has to be 25 to rent a car.

Is Florida an English speacking country?

No, Florida is not a country.

Tax exemption is allowed for churches under the Constitution?

It is not clear what country you are talking about. Different countries have different laws.

Is same-sex marriage not legal?

In the United States, the legality of same-sex marriage varies by state. Outside of the US, it is different country by country. Please check the related questions below to determine if same-sex marriage is legal, not legal, or illegal in the state or country you are curious about.

How do you get a divorce if married in a different country?

Obtain proof of your marriage and file for divorce where you live now.

Is court marriage is possible in Hindu girl and Muslim boy?

No it would not be allowed by their family cause their two different religions. If by "court marriage" the question is asking about civil marriage (i.e. being married by a judge without religious affiliation), then yes. In any country where civil marriage is performed, as not all countries perform civil marriage, a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy can be married. However, no religious authority (from either Hinduism or Islam) will sanctify the union as a religious marriage.

Is there a other country in Florida?

No. Florida is a state in the country of the USA.

Do you have to get your marriage license in the county that you live?

You will have to get your marriage license from the country where you both got married. But if you are staying in another country after migrating , you will have to only register your marriage in that country.

What kind of country is Florida?

Florida is not a country, it is one of the states of the US

Are you allowed to do work experience in a different country?

Yes it will strength my abilities and i will get more knowledge and i will experience the working environment of other country.

Is Florida a country?

No, Florida is a state.

Which country prohibited interracial marriage?

no country

Which European country owned Florida?

which european country owned florida after 1783

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